Booster Pack

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Bakugan Battle Planet - Battle Brawlers Booster Pack.jpg

The Booster Pack is a Bakugan Battle Planet Card booster pack for the Battle Brawlers card series. Each pack contains 10 random Ability Cards and it is priced at $3.99 USD. For those interested in collecting more cards, the Card Collection contains 3 10-packs of Ability Cards as well as a Jumbo Character Card and 2 BakuCores.


Brawl on a whole new level with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Booster Pack! Filled with 10 collectible trading cards, this booster pack is the fastest way to power up and defeat your opponents on Battle Planet. Open it up and discover an assortment of Action, Evo, Flip and Hero cards. You’ll even find 2 rare cards, 1 holographic foil card and 1 super rare, Awesome Rare or even a Bakugan Elite card! With these in your back pocket, you’ll be able customize your deck and brawl with the best! Use them in combat, or trade with friends to create your perfect deck. All trading cards easily fit inside the Baku-storage Case (not included), so you can take them with you, anywhere you go! 3-2-1, BAKUGAN BRAWL!