Haos (Reboot)

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Haos is the attribute of Light found on Bakugan.

In Bakugan Battle Planet, Haos Bakugan mainly focus on getting as many BakuCores as possible. Their main keyword ability is "Domination", which triggers if they have more BakuCores than their opponent.

In Bakugan Battle Planet, Haos Bakugan are white and turquoise.

Notably, the pronunciation has been changed from "HAY-oss" to "HAY-ose".

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Lia Venegas Gorthion
Col. Armstrong Tripp Pandoxx
Shargo Ronin Unknown Samurai Bakugan x3
Strata the Hunter Skorporos
Philomena Dusk Apollyon
Everett Ray Maxodon