Ability Card (Battle Planet)

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Ability Cards are a type of card in the Bakugan Battle Planet gameplay. In the trading card game version a player must have 40 Ability Cards in their deck. Ability Cards require Energy. Ability Cards are received in a Bakugan Ultra booster/solo packs, a Starter Packs, and Battle Packs. The best way to get Ability Cards are through Card Booster Packs, the Battle Brawlers Starter Set, and especially the Battle Brawlers Card Collection. Card Boosters give 6 Common Cards, 2 Rare Cards, 1 Super Rare, Awesome Rare, or Bakugan Elite, and 1 HEX (Holographic Foil) Card.

There are several types of cards:

These four type of Cards can be used to aid your Bakugan's three Character Cards in the Bakugan Battle Planet game.