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Aquos, Aqua (アクア, Akua?) in the Japanese version, is the attribute of water found on Bakugan. It exists in both the original system introduced in Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]

Its Legendary Soldier was Frosch before he gave his attribute energy to Elfin.


Aquos Bakugan usually have average G-Power but use trickery to either boost them or dwindle their opponent to win. Many cards make the opponent feel safe and secure but then cards with powerful effects come up and shock the opponent like Preyas Switch, Aquos 1 and 2, Summon Wave, Marucho's Throw and Marucho's Launcher. With an Aquos strategy, you would want to roll a low power Bakugan on to an opponent's Gate Card or something to make the opponent think they have the upper hand before you bring down a big Ability Card to knock some sense into them and take out their Bakugan!

Attribute Relations[edit]

Notable Users[edit]

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Marucho Marukura Preyas, Preyas II (Hybrid with Pyrus and Haos), ElfinMinx Elfin, Akwimos, Infinity Trister, Radizen
Rikimaru Siege
Jenny Siege
Klaus von Hertzon Sirenoid
Christopher Juggernoid
Illusionary Marucho Frosch
Mylene Farrow Elico, Macubass
Stoica Lythirus
Lena Isis Phosphos
Gus Grav Blast Elico
Jack Punt Krakenoid, Ziperator
Wiseman Balista

Bakugan Dimensions[edit]

Fighting Styles:

Color Scheme[edit]

Aquos has the color scheme of blue with a cyan or light sea green trim and sometimes bronze for an accent color. Flip Aquos Bakugan are mainly light green, like Ventus Bakugan with blue accents instead of green.

In Gundalian Invaders, Aquos Bakugan color schemes are dark blue with a highlight of dark red and silverish-blue.


  • The original Aquos symbol is derived from the Han character for water, (mizu?).


Both the English and the Japanese names are derived from the Latin word for water, aqua.