Aquos (Reboot)

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Aquos (アクオス, Akuosu?) is the Faction of water.

Notable Users[edit]

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Shun Kazami Hydorous (Former Main)
Fade Ninja
Sharktar (Current Main)
Geogan Stingzer
Maggie Skorporos‎
Bee Mantonoid
Strata the Hunter Krakelios
Masato Kazami Serpenteze‎
Sophie Judson-Warfield Centipod
Crystal Blue Nobillious
Geogan Stardox

Physical Game[edit]


For a list of all cards in the Aquos Faction, see Category:Aquos Cards.

Their main Tag-Word Ability is "Flow" which the cards with it gets their bonus effects if it isn’t the first card that the controller has played that turn.

Released Bakugan[edit]

Battle Planet[edit]

For the list of all released Aquos Battle Planet Bakugan, see Bakulog (Battle Planet)#Aquos.

Armored Alliance[edit]

For the list of all released Aquos Armored Alliance Bakugan, see Bakulog (Armored Alliance)#Aquos.

Geogan Rising[edit]

For the list of all released Aquos Geogan Rising Bakugan, see Bakulog (Geogan Rising)#Aquos.