Aquos (Reboot)

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Bbp aquos.png Aquos (アクオス, Akuosu?) is one of the six elemental Factions that Bakugan can belong to. It is the Faction of water. The region on Vestroia where Aquos Bakugan reside is known as Aquilia.

New Aquos Symbol


Color Scheme[edit]

Notable Users[edit]

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Shun Kazami Hydorous (Former Main)
Fade Ninja
Sharktar (Current Main)
Geogan Stingzer
Maggie Skorporos‎
Bee Mantonoid
Strata the Hunter Krakelios
Masato Kazami Serpenteze‎
Sophie Judson-Warfield Centipod
Crystal Blue Nobillious
Geogan Stardox
Geogan Swarmer

Physical Game[edit]


For a list of all cards in the Aquos Faction, see Category:Aquos Cards.

Their main Tag-Word Ability is "Flow" which the cards with it gets their bonus effects if it isn’t the first card that the controller has played that turn.

Released Bakugan[edit]

Battle Planet[edit]

For the list of all released Aquos Battle Planet Bakugan, see Bakulog (Battle Planet)#Aquos.

Armored Alliance[edit]

For the list of all released Aquos Armored Alliance Bakugan, see Bakulog (Armored Alliance)#Aquos.

Geogan Rising[edit]

For the list of all released Aquos Geogan Rising Bakugan, see Bakulog (Geogan Rising)#Aquos.