Bakugan Battle Arena (Reboot)

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The Bakugan Battle Arena is arena released in the Bakugan Battle Planet toyline, it comes with an arena, 2 BakuCores, 1 Character and Ability Card, and an exclusive Bakugan.

The first arena was released during the initial release of Battle Planet products, containing an exclusive Aquos Dragonoid. A red version of the Battle Planet arena was released in with a similarly exclusive Pyrus Phaedrus during Bakugan Resurgence.

For Bakugan: Armored Alliance, a new version of the Battle Arena will be released with an exclusive Aurelus Hydorous.


Take your game to the next level with the Bakugan Battle Arena! This arena is the ultimate way to brawl with your friends! With a hexagonal grid already on the board, laying out your BakuCores (included) has never been faster. Face off against an opponent and roll your new exclusive Aquos Dragonoid Bakugan (included) for POP OPEN Baku-Action! The Battle Arena’s included bumpers make sure your balls always stay in play. The thrill of the brawl comes alive with the Battle Arena! Who will leave the Bakugan Battle Arena victorious? BAKUGAN BRAWL!

Exclusive Bakugan[edit]

Battle Planet (Blue Arena)[edit]

Aquos Dragonoid
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores
Dragonoid (Aquos Card) ENG 283 CC BB.png Aquos Dragonoid BBP (open).png Aquos Aquos Icon-power.png400 3 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png

Battle Planet (Red Arena)[edit]

Pyrus Phaedrus
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores
Phaedrus (Pyrus Card) ENG 229 CC BR.png Pyrus Phaedrus (open).png Pyrus Pyrus Icon-power.png300 5 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Flaming Fist BakuCore.png

Armored Alliance[edit]

Pyrus Phaedrus
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores
Hydorous (Aurelus Card) ENG 184 CC AV.png Aurelus Hydorous Core (Armored Alliance).png Aurelus Aurelus Icon-power.png800 2 Icon-damage.png
  • #36 Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.png: Haos , Pyrus +400 Icon-power.png
  • #41 Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.png: -400 Icon-power.png


Battle Planet[edit]

Armored Alliance[edit]