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Infobox Bakugan

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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


How to Use[edit]

{{Infobox Bakugan
|name = 
|image = [[File:|250px]]
|kanji = 
|romaji = 
|attribute = 
|attvariations = 
|power = 
|battle gear = 
|first = 
|voiced by = 
|cry = 

All parameters are optional.

attribute - The main attribute of a Bakugan. Only list one attribute if you want the attribute's theme; the template will default to the basic theme if multiple attributes are listed. Do not use the {{attribute}} template here.

attvariations - Attribute variations. Any other attributes can be listed here. You may use the {{attribute}} template on this parameter.

power - G-Power in the anime.

first - First episode they appear in.

cry - Only for Bakugan Dimensions cries.
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