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1-48e is the first card series for Bakugan: New Vestroia. It contains support cards for BakuNeon set Bakugan.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/48e BA348 GA 01 GBL.png Gate of Fire Silver Gate Card
2/48e BA349 GA 02 GBL.png Gate of Wind Silver Gate Card
3/48e BA350 GA 03 GBL.png Gate of Doom Silver Gate Card
4/48e BA351 GA 04 GBL.png Triangle Gate Silver Gate Card
5/48e BA352 GA 05 GBL.png Gate of Light Silver Gate Card
6/48e BA353 GA 06 GBL.png Gate of Earth Silver Gate Card
7/48e BA354 GA 07 GBL.png River Gate Silver Gate Card
8/48e BA355 GA 08 GBL.png Three Gate Silver Gate Card
9/48e BA356 GA 09 GBL.png Nemus Gold Gate Card
10/48e BA357 GA 10 GBL.png Dragonoid Gold Gate Card
11/48e BA358 GA 11 GBL.png Percival Gold Gate Card
12/48e BA359 GA 12 GBL.png Ingram Gold Gate Card
13/48e Holding Power (NA).png Holding Power Gold Gate Card
14/48e BA361 GA 14 GBL.png Brontes Gold Gate Card
15/48e BA362 GA 15 GBL.png Proper Motivation Gold Gate Card
16/48e BA363 GA 16 GBL.png Glamour Gate Gold Gate Card
17/48e BA364 GA 17 GBL.png Low Bridge Copper Gate Card
18/48e BA365 GA 18 GBL.png Windy Beach Copper Gate Card
19/48e BA366 GA 19 GBL.png Open Field Copper Gate Card
20/48e BA367 GA 20 GBL.png Rainbow Copper Gate Card
21/48e BA368 GA 21 GBL.png Field of Flames Copper Gate Card
22/48e BA369 GA 22 GBL.png Field of Dread Copper Gate Card
23/48e BA370 GA 23 GBL.png Resupply Copper Gate Card
24/48e BA371 GA 24 GBL.png Cursed Mirror Copper Gate Card
25/48e BA372 AB 25 GBL.png Rip Tide Red Ability Card
26/48e BA373 AB 26 GBL.png Hard Rain Red Ability Card
27/48e BA374 AB 27 GBL.png Lightning Red Ability Card
28/48e BA375 AB 28 GBL.png Stormy Night Red Ability Card
29/48e BA376 AB 29 GBL.png Call of the Hex Red Ability Card
30/48e BA377 AB 30 GBL.png Call of the Defenders Red Ability Card
31/48e BA378 AB 31 GBL.png Deadly Lync Volan Number 6 Red Ability Card
32/48e BA379 AB 32 GBL.png Gus's Powerblast Red Ability Card
33/48e BA380 AB 33 GBL.png Turn Around Blue Ability Card
34/48e BA381 AB 34 GBL.png Bright Eyes Blue Ability Card
35/48e BA382 AB 35 GBL.png Powder Keg Blue Ability Card
36/48e BA383 AB 36 GBL.png Sparks Blue Ability Card
37/48e BA384 AB 37 GBL.png Heavy Water Blue Ability Card
38/48e BA385 AB 38 GBL.png Dark Hole Blue Ability Card
39/48e BA386 AB 39 GBL.png Dusty Sparkle Blue Ability Card
40/48e BA387 AB 40 GBL.png Burning Sands Blue Ability Card
41/48e BA388 AB 41 GBL.png Solar Winds Green Ability Card
42/48e BA389 AB 42 GBL.png Bright Earth Green Ability Card
43/48e BA390 AB 43 GBL.png Bright Torch Green Ability Card
44/48e BA391 AB 44 GBL.png Blinding Reflection Green Ability Card
45/48e BA392 AB 45 GBL.png Dire Reaper Green Ability Card
46/48e BA393 AB 46 GBL.png Hercules Green Ability Card
47/48e BA394 AB 47 GBL.png Shiny Devil Green Ability Card
48/48e BA395 AB 48 GBL.png Never Give Up! Green Ability Card