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Similar to the three Gate Cards, an Ability Card may have G-Power boosts and particular instruction that all Brawlers have to obey. Ability Cards are quite forceful and when used properly can have an excellent effect on your opponents. Requirements to play an Ability Card are in a bold format.[1]

Ability Cards (Series 2 rules) come in three different colors:

  • Green: Powerful Ability Cards that include the Attribute-named cards (Gr).
  • Blue: Basic Ability Cards with G-Power increases but have less conditions than Red or Green cards (Bl).
  • Red: Situational abilities (Re).

Ability Cards are played from the hand at certain times to affect the outcome of the match. The common categories of use are before rolling (b/r), after rolling (a/r), start of a battle (s/b), during battle (d/b), win battle (w/b), lose battle (l/b) or after one of your opponent's actions (a/o). Further restrictions may apply, e.g. "Play before you roll a Pyrus Bakugan."

Ability Cards may be common or rare and there are special cards only available in the Arena product.

Series 1[edit]


An Ability Card is an extremely valuable card to be holding in a deck. In fact, it is so powerful that only a single Ability Card is allowed to be brought to Battle. Unlike the other three Gateway cards, an Ability Card does not have any G-Power Boosts. Instead it has an HSP score and a particular instruction that all Brawlers must obey. An Ability Card is quite forceful and when used properly can have a devastating effect on your opponents.[2]


Under Series 1 rules, Ability Cards were different (there were also Character Cards and other types of cards).

An Ability Card is a card used to power up a Bakugan. A brawler cannot use it as the first card played, but anytime after that. An Ability Card can give a Bakugan power; Fire power, Wind power or Dark power. They can also give you G-Power. They were always a reflective print and even had metal inside them.

For examples of Series 1 cards, see Normal Card or Character Card.


  • In the anime, the way Ability Cards are activated changes each season.
    • Season 1: They are held or thrown.
    • Season 2: They are put into the Gauntlet and then activated.
    • Season 3: They are held.
    • Season 4: They are generated and activated by the BakuMeter.

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