Deka Geogan Team Up Pack

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Deka Geogan Team Up Pack packaging.jpg

The Deka Geogan Team Up Pack is a product released during Bakugan: Geogan Rising. It contains a regular Geogan along with its Deka counterpart.

Official description[edit]

Your favorite Bakugan Geogan just got bigger! Unleash the power of Geogan Deka, jumbo-sized versions of your favorite Bakugan Geogan characters from the hit show (now on Netflix). Transform your Mega Slugger Geogan by rolling them across their exclusive large GeoCores (included) and they'll pop open, changing from a unique shape into battle-ready Geogan Deka!

Each Geogan Deka features awesome translucent details, its Faction symbol and a different transformation, bringing it to life. With so many characters to collect, including Stardox, Viperagon, Arcleon and more (each sold separately), these large-scale, powerful Geogan are ready for Baku-Action! While Geogan Deka are collectible and not compatible with the Bakugan toy battling game, you can use the included ability card in the game to defeat opponents and emerge victorious! Take your Bakugan collection to the next level with the Deka Geogan Team Up!