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Leo body.png
Race Human
Gender Male
First appearance Bakugan Battle Circus

Leo is a performer at the Bakugan Circus.


Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

Leo works at the Bakugan circus alongside his Partner Bakugan, a Cubbo named Rose. During one performance, he and his fellow performer Mira are exhausted after extensive practicing, and fail a stunt. This causes the Ringleader to berate them, which is interrupted by Shun Kazami and Dan Kouzo. The two members of the Awesome Brawlers offer to perform with them onstage the next day, in order to let their Partner Bakugan rest.

Dan, Shun, Mira, and Leo perform in an act with Drago and Hydorous. During this performance, Dan messes up during a trick, causing the Ringmaster who was watching to bring out the two Cubbo in order to brawl Dan and Shun while Leo and Mira watch on.

After the brawl, Leo and Mira continue to perform at the circus, with the Ringmaster now serving as a circus clown.[1]