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Attribute Aquos Aquos
Power 600 Bs
First appearance Origin of Species Part 2
Voiced by Scott Law

Hydorous is a lion-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is the Guardian Bakugan of Shun Kazami. Hydorous is a noble and fierce Bakugan compared to his partner, who is timid and shy in front of cameras.



Fast, agile and ruthless in battle, the overtly-aggressive Hydorous is the prince of the seas. Though his style is a complete 180 from Shun's thoughtful manner, the two compliment one another in battle and life.


Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Hydorous standing in battle

Shun Kazami presumably met Hydorous at an unknown time before Shun left Japan to join The Awesome Ones. Hydorous is seen with Shun as he discovers the Awesome Ones' videos.[1]

He first appears during a battle between a mysterious individual and Aay. Later that day, his partner Shun asks the AO if he could become the next member of their time. Magnus also wants to join; this causes Dan to start a competition to see which brawler will be added to the team.

In one event of the competition, the Brawler and their partner must race to the top of a mountain, Shun rides on Hydorous but is attacked by Magnus' Webam during the race. Hydorous battles against Webam but is also attacked by Magnus' Fangzor. Lia and Wynton send out their Bakugan to assist Hydorous but the two lose the fight, Webam then takes Hydorous down as Magnus proclaims his power that "proves he should be member of the Awesome Ones". Despite losing the battle, Hydorous and Shun become members of the Awesome Ones due to them caring for each other and being good teammates, Magnus did not get the chance because he focused on himself and his power rather than his partner Bakugan.[2]

Physical Game[edit]

Faction B-Powers
BBP Pyrus.svg Pyrus 400Icon-power.png (Core), 300Icon-power.png (Ultra)
BBP Aquos.svg Aquos 200Icon-power.png (Core), 400Icon-power.png (Core)
BBP Haos.svg Haos 200Icon-power.png (Core), 200Icon-power.png (Core)
BBP Ventus.svg Ventus N/A
BBP Darkus.svg Darkus 300Icon-power.png (Core), 800Icon-power.png (Ultra)
BBP Aurelus.svg Aurelus 400Icon-power.png (Core), 200Icon-power.png (Ultra)
BBP Diamond.svg Diamond 200Icon-power.png (Core), 400Icon-power.png (Ultra)

Both the regular and Bakugan Ultra versions of Hydorous have been seen in all Factions except Ventus.

A large, Deka-sized Aquos Core Hydorous was seen at New York Toy Fair 2019.[3]


  • The background art for Aurelus Hydorous' BakuLog entry is an edited image of terminals from the Brisbane Airport.[4]



Physical Game[edit]

Character Art[edit]




How to fold Hydorous Ultra