Strata's Fear

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Strata's Fear
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 10
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Strata's Fear is the tenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 28th, 2018 alongside Frenemies.


The AO solve the mystery of a kid's missing Bakugan.


Bear is playing with Bobby until a man uses a device that shoots a beam which causes Bear to be controlled, turning him from a gentle and friendly bear to an angry bear. Strata captures Bear with a net.

Lia looks at her photos and finds out that they can't take pictures of Shun, he seems to be blocked. Almost on purpose. Bobby runs to the AO and says his Bakugan (Bear) has something wrong with him, they go to the original scene and find out that Bear is gone. Lia tells Lightning to go track Bear's scent, but this doesn't need to be done as they find his trail or destroyed tracks/trees. Dan tells Bobby to stay there while they go search for Bear. The AO find a destroyed car and a gray-haired man, Wynton is familiar with him but he doesn't remember where he recognized him. The man tells the AO that others from out of nowhere will try to take their Bakugan, telling them that this is only the beginning of their journey, then leaving. The AO hear Bear, who destroys a tree, Bear tries to stomp Dan before Wynton saves him. Talking to Bear won't stop his rampage so Dan must fight Bear.

It's Drago versus Bear, Strata is watching the battle, and Shun also enters the battle with Hydorous. Wynton also tries to enter the brawl but Bobby runs and stops Wynton because he doesn't want Bear to get hurt. The brainwashed Bear punches Hydorous as Bobby pleads Bear to stop, Bear seems to start coming to his senses before Strata activates his device to control Bear even further. Lightning starts to bark, the AO find that there is a blue-haired man with a mysterious device that appears to be controlling Bear. The man reveals himself as Strata the hunter - The Bakugan Hunter. Wynton recalls the man from earlier saying others will try to take their hands on their Bakugan. Strata uses his device to control Bear even more, Lia and Wynton enter the fight with Trox and Pegatrix. Lia tells Pegatrix to target Strata's device, but Strata uses a whip to hurt Pegatrix, he also jumps on Trox to distract him. Lia and Wynton wonder why Strata is doing this, Strata responds that Bakugan are worth money. Lightning jumps onto Strata and destroys the device, he later runs after a fleeing Strata. Bear is now freed of control due to the device being destroyed and reunites with Bobby. Meanwhile, Lightning has lost trace of Strata, but eventually finds Strata talking about how his prey got away, and how he will capture them next time.

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