Origin of the Species Part 1

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Origin of Species Part 1
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 1
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Next Origin of the Species Part 2

Origin of the Species Part 1 is the first episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 23rd alongside Origin of the Species Part 2, Burger Run, and Monkey See, Monkey Don't. [1]


A long time ago, a strange event took place on Earth, 12 years after it, Dan and his friends found things they never knew existed, the Bakugan.

In the present day, Dan is encountered by a boy named Magnus. Dan's Bakugan, Drago, tells Dan that they've been challenged to a battle. Magnus tells Dan that this battle could change the fate of the world. Magnus sends his Bakugan Nillious out, as the Drome is then set up.

Dan starts to talk about the past of the time where he and his friends snuck into Pinpoint Park to make a video to expose the truth of the Great Collision. Dan, Wynton, Lia, and Lightning jump a fence to enter the collision site to record a video. They weren't alive on the day of the collision, but Dan was born on the very day. Dan discusses how nobody knows what the truth of the collision is, and midnight is at a loom. The camera starts to record, and Dan and the others, also known as The Awesome Ones tell their viewers that they are going to blow the lid of the Great Collision as an event that was nothing. Dan is then startled as Wynton, Lia, and Lightning startle Dan, revealing this was a trick and this is a surprise Dan on video because it is his birthday. Suddenly, Lia's drone and phone stops working as a mysterious phenomenon occurs exactly at midnight. Suddenly the sky has sparks crash as the AO run in fear, the occurrence ends, but the AO hear a voice saying “Bakugan”. The devices/phones work again after, and a ball of goo appears near Dan, it gets on film. Dan finds a red ball, as hexagons appear on the ground and he walks on them. The other members of the AO don't see anything until Wynton touches Dan and they both see the hexagonal ground.

Dan looks at this red ball and throws it, which transforms into a dragon-like creature - a Bakugan. The AO scream and run in terror, as the dragon stops them. Dan tells the others that the Bakugan is trying to say something, the dragon says that Dan awakened him, Dan introduces him and the dragon bakugan reveals himself as Dragonoid, “Dan's partner”. Turning into closed ball form Wynton, Lia, and Lightning then find their own Bakugan, and the AO go look for more Bakugan, Dan smiles: “This is the craziest birthday ever”.

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