Honey Struck

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Honey Struck
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 34
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Honey Struck is the thirty-fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on March 16th, 2019.


The Awesome Ones are back home when Lightning notices something, there's a Bakugan in Lia's hair. The Bakugan rolls out and appears, it is a small bear cub Bakugan, surprising the AO because it is so small (smaller than the Rowdy Reds). The bear cub Bakugan goes to the Studio to relax, eating chips and watching tv. Phaedrus mentions that the Bakugans name is Cubbo, and he was one of the Bakugan locked up by Strata in The Maze. Cubbo wants to live in the Studio, but the AO don't know what to do with this Bakugan. Cubbo overhears the conversation, Drago suggests they should battle to get to know him more. Lia throws a BakuCore so Cubbo can use a move, Cubbo uses Growing Giant, becoming large, but then deflates back to his regular size. Dan is annoyed and doesn't know what to do, Cubbo is here to battle, not fool around. Cubbo says that it's what he thought and doesn't want to listen, so he goes off alone.

Cubbo walks to the park with the AO following him, he stumbles upon the Rowdy Reds and cries, he wants to find a partner because he was “thrown away”. The Rowdy Reds tell Cubbo that he can come live at their house, and Cubbo agrees, but he wants them to throw away their scary Skorporos Bakugan. The AO confront the “crying” Cubbo telling him to quit the crying act, they won't let him get away with it, so they attempt to battle him to turn him back to BakuBall Form. Wynton and Shun use Trox and Hydorous against Cubbo, it seems like Cubbo is at a major disadvantage, but his small size allows him to run and dodge their attack. Shun tries to throw a BakuCore but Cubbo catches it and uses Haos Cubbo Gaze, which makes Trox collapse because of Cubbo's cuteness. Hydorous attempts to attack Cubbo, but Cubbo uses Blackhole to trap Hydorous.

Cubbo boasts how he doesn't need a partner as he easily took Hydorous and Trox down, Lia asks if that is how he really feels that he doesn't need a partner. Cubbo overheard their conversation earlier about who should be his partner and got annoyed. Lia tells Wynton and Shun to call their Bakugan back, Lia realizes that Cubbo is just lonely and wanted a partner, which is why he followed them back home because he liked the AO - but they rejected them and got jealous. Lia accepts Cubbo, thus making him her third partner. In the end, Lia and Cubbo watch an embarrassing video of Dan and laugh.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Drago vs. Cubbo = No result
  • Trox and Hydorous vs. Cubbo = No result