List of Bakugan: Legends Waves

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This page is a listing for all known Bakugan: Legends releases, or waves/mix. This page includes all known products, including Single/Solo Packs. Some products may have a placeholder image due to lacking a high-quality image at the moment.

Note: This list is only for releases from Spin Master

Set 1: LE[edit]

LE is the eleventh card set of the Bakugan reboot and first card set of the fifth season, Bakugan: Legends.

Wave 1 (LE Wave 1)[edit]

Nova Bakugan Single Packs[edit]

Image Bakugan Included Character Cards Included Gate Cards Included
Pyrus Nova Dragonoid Packaging.png Pyrus Pyrus Nova Dragonoid
Haos Nova Pegatrix Packaging.png Haos Haos Nova Pegatrix
Darkus Nova Nillious Packaging.png Darkus Darkus Nova Nillious
Ventus Nova Nillious Packaging.png Ventus Ventus Nova Nillious
Aurelus Nova Pegatrix Packaging.png Aurelus Aurelus Nova Pegatrix
Diamond Nova Dragonoid Packaging.png Diamond Diamond Pyrus Nova Dragonoid