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For the gameplay element added in Mechtanium Surge, see BakuNano.

Nanogan are a Bakugan-like Creature first released in Bakugan: Evolutions. They are significantly smaller than any other Bakugan, being smaller even than the original size of Legacy series. They act as the spiritual successor to the BakuNano from Generation 1, being attachments for regular sized Bakugan which are peg-mounted and transform without the use of magnets.


To run a Nanogan, the Faction of the Nanogan you wish to run must match the Faction of at least one of the three Bakugan on your team. The Nanogan serves as an accessory to your team, it does not replace any of the Bakugan on your team. The physical Nanogan toy is not required to play a Nanogan.

Nanogan Cards are specialized cards that come with Nanogan. They do not get shuffled into the main deck, and instead stay beside the deck as up to three separate cards. When a Nanogan is used, it is flipped over, and provides the Bakugan it is used one of the two bonuses present on its card, which the cores attached to the entire team contribute to activating. After the turn, the Nanogan card is rendered unusable. It is possible to use multiple Nanogan in one turn.

All Nanogan Cards in the EV set have "Nano" as a prefix to the name of the Nanogan, a feature dropped in EV2.


In the show, Nanogan are small Bakugan-like creatures unable to speak, that are summoned from Bakugan when it receives an Elemental Core. Nanogan seem to be similar to Elemental Bakugan, both by an appearance and an ability to perform an Elemental Evolution. Evolved Nanogan turns into what is known as a Nanogear, weaponry for its Bakugan.

List of Nanogan[edit]


Diamond Nano fury Sprite.png
  • Diamond Nanogan may have been planned, a Character Art of a Pyrus Fury that resembles Diamond Pyrus Bakugan has been seen.