Elemental Evolution

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Elemental Evolutions are special forms that can be acquired by Elemental Bakugan, when it opens on an Elemental Core. Currently two Elemental Evolutions are known: Strength Mode and Speed Mode, each amplifying their respective property of the Bakugan. Strength Mode is said to be easier to evolve into, but a trained brawler can determine which form their Bakugan would evolve into.

Physical Game[edit]

In the physical game, Elemental Evolutions are represented in two ways. In the toys, some Bakugan get "Neo", "Evo", or "Genesis" forms, either being Bakugan's speed or strength mode. Also, some Bakugan have their Platinum represent Strength Mode, both by toy and on the card.


In the show, Elemental Evolution first appears in Evolutions Unleashed! Part 2 when Drago re-absorbs Elemental Energy, given to him by the other Awesome Brawlers Bakugan and evolved into Strength Mode. Later on, it was discovered that Elemental Evolutions can be achieved by rolling Bakugan out on the Elemental Cores first seen and done by Athena in A New Studio D is Born?!. There is also a second type of Elemental Evolution, Speed Mode, executed in Magnus is Back! by Magnus Black. In The Battle With Wrath, it was shown that absorbing big amounts of Elemental Energy enables Bakugan to switch into either of its Elemental Evolutions by will without rolling out on an Elemental Core.