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For the Trading Card version of the game that uses Ability Cards, see Trading Card Game.

This article is a guide on How to Play Bakugan Battle Planet: Toy Battling Game. This version of the game is very similar to the original Bakugan game excluding the use of Ability Cards.

The Toy Battling Game is a easy way to play the Bakugan game, players use three Bakugan and their Character Cards alongside 6 BakuCores and roll their Bakugan to see who has the highest B-Power. The first battler who gets all three of their Bakugan open wins the game. A Starter Pack is the best option for those who want to play the Toy Battling Game.

Halfway through Bakugan: Armored Alliance they introduced the Gate Battling Game, a simpler version of the toy battling game that uses Gate Cards instead of BakuCores.

Requirements to start the Game[edit]

The requirements to play the game.

Each player must have the following in order to play the game:

  • 3 Bakugan: Players must use three Bakugan in order to play the game. These Bakugan must not be exactly the same, so you cannot use 2 Darkus Nillious Bakugan since they are the exact same Bakugan. While Ventus and Haos Nillious are the same Bakugan, they aren't the exact same due to these two Bakugan having different stats. Additionally, a Core and Ultra Darkus Nillious are also not exactly the same Bakugan because Core and Ultra Bakugan have different stats even if they are the same Faction.
  • 3 Character Cards: These Character Cards must match the Bakugan you are using. So if you are using a Pyrus Hydorous, you must use the Pyrus Hydorous Character Card.
  • 6 BakuCores: On the Bakugan's respective Character Card, there are two BakuCores shown. For example, the Ventus Trox Character Card shows this card has the Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.png (Magic Shield) and BakuCore Helix Symbol.png (Helix) BakuCores. There are many BakuCore Helix Symbol.png (Helix) BakuCores with different effects, you may use any Helix BakuCore (and other type of BakuCore) as long as it matches symbol of the paired BakuCore on the Character Card.

A Bakugan Battle Planet Starter Pack contains everything you need to play the Toy Battling Game.

You can also use those pieces in the game:

Setting up the Game[edit]

An example of a Hide Matrix, the tiles can be shaped differently as long one BakuCore touches another one.

To start the game, the two players must form the Hide Matrix, preferably on a flat surface such as the Bakugan Battle Arena. The Hide Matrix is formed by connecting BakuCores, the BakuCores must be facing on their back side, showing the symbols. The Hide Matrix can formed however the players choose as long as the BakuCore touches another one (see image).

Once the Hide Matrix is set, players must place their three Character Cards face down with their Bakugan on top in their closed ball. So, if you have a Darkus Fangzor, place the closed Fangzor on the faced down Darkus Fangzor Character Card, repeat this with the other 2 Bakugan and their 2 Character Cards.

Nanogan Cards are laid down next to the players, with corresponding Nanogan put on top of their cards.

Rolling the Bakugan[edit]

The two Bakugan stand, initiating a battle.

Once the Hide Matrix is set and the Bakugan balls are closed on top of the Character Cards, it is time to brawl! Players will take one of their three Bakugan and roll their Bakugan onto any BakuCore in the Hide Matrix.

Both players must roll at the same time, this must be done at least two Card lengths away from the Hide Matrix. There are a few scenarios that may happen when rolling:

  • No Bakugan stands: If neither player has their Bakugan stand in battle, they must both reroll until one or both Bakugan stand on a BakuCore.
  • One Bakugan stands: If one player has their Bakugan stand in battle and the opponent doesn't, the player who had their Bakugan stand wins the battle.
    • Should this occur, the Bakugan that stood/opened wins the battle. Place the Bakugan that stood (alongside the BakuCore) on its respective Character Card. This Bakugan cannot be used again, you must use your other two Bakugan.
  • Both Bakugan stands: If both Bakugan stand, the battle begins!

There may be a rare occasion where a Bakugan picks up multiple BakuCores, should this occur, the player can use both the effects of the BakuCore in the battle. Additionally, if a Bakugan stands on a BakuCore but doesn't open, this still counts as a stand.

The Brawl[edit]

Once two Bakugan stand, the brawl begins. Players will flip the Bakugan's Character Card over to view the Bakugan's stats.

The information on the BakuCore.

As shown in this image, you can see the Core version of Haos Pegatrix. It shows the Pegatrix is of the Haos Faction, it has a B-Power of 500, a Damage Rating of 2, and the Paired BakuCores are both Battle Planet Fist BakuCore.png (Fist). This card also has an effect/ability that increases Pegatrix' B-Power by 200 and Damage Rating by 2 if it lands on a Fist BakuCore.

The other player also flips their Character Card to view the Bakugan's stats. Compare the B-Power of the two Bakugan using the Character Cards, but the battle isn't finished yet.

The revealed BakuCores.

The battle is not over yet, after the two Character Cards are revealed, the two players must flip over the BakuCores their Bakugan stood on to see who has the highest B-Power. It is possible for a Bakugan to land on two or more BakuCores, if this occurs then the Bakugan can use the effects of both the BakuCores.

As shown in this image, the Pyrus Dragonoid collected a Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.png (Shield) BakuCore that increases the Bakugan's B-Power by 400 if it is Pyrus Pyrus or Ventus Ventus. The Bakugan has Icon-power.png200 on the Character Card, with the BakuCore, Pyrus Dragonoid's power level becomes Icon-power.png600!

The opponent used a Darkus Hydorous as seen in this image, Darkus Hydorous has Icon-power.png300 on its Character Card, it collected a Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.png (Shield) BakuCore with an effect that lowers the B-Power by 300. Darkus Hydorous now has 0 B-Power.

Note: A Bakugan cannot have a negative B-Power or Damage Rating, if the Bakugan has a B-Power of 200 and the BakuCore it picked up lowers its Icon-power.png by -300, it will stay at 0 and not become negative.

After the BakuCore effects are added, compare the two B-Powers of the Bakugan. Pyrus Dragonoid has 600 B-Power, Darkus Hydorous has 0 B-Power. Therefore, Pyrus Dragonoid wins the battle.

After the calculations, Pyrus Dragonoid has the higher B-Power, so it wins the battle.

There may be occasions where both players have the same B-Power, should this occur, the winner is determined by the Bakugan with the higher Damage Rating. For example, Both Bakugan ended up with 700 B-Power after the calculations. Bakugan 1 has 6 Icon-damage.png, Bakugan 2 has 3 Icon-damage.png, Bakugan 1 has the higher Damage Rating - Bakugan 1 wins the battle.

If both Bakugan somehow end up with the same B-Power and Damage Rating, the two players must re-roll and try to land on different BakuCores with a different effect so a winner can be determined.

During the battle, you can also play Geogan, Baku-Gear or Nanogan.
Baku-Gear can be played if your Bakugan grabbed BakuCore with Gear Reduction Cost symbol, and only with Bakugan they came with.
Geogan can be played during the battle, if you are about to lose, by folding your current Bakugan, and dropping Geogan from 2 cards height on the field - if it opens, you use it as you normally do your Bakugan. If it doesn't, you lose the battle.
Nanogan are played by flipping its card. If your team has set cores on them corresponding one of Nanogan's effects, you can activate that effect and gain the bounces.

Winning the Game[edit]

Pyrus Dragonoid won the round, so it stays open on the flipped Character Card. The winner must use the other two Bakugan now.

After the Bakugan wins the battle, place the winner Bakugan alongside the BakuCore it collected to your side on the Character Card (the card should be facing up). Since this Bakugan won, it cannot be used again and you must use your other two Bakugan. The person who lost the round can reuse the loser Bakugan, or they may try to use a different Bakugan.

The two players must then repeat these rules until one player has all their Bakugan open, methods of "opening" their Bakugan could be achieved by winning the B-Power calculations or being the only player who had their Bakugan stand in battle.

The first player to have all three of their Bakugan opened wins the whole brawl!

Special Game Icons[edit]

  • Baku-Gear Icon-bakugear.png

If you own a Bakugan that came with a Baku-Gear toy and card you can use the gear in the toy battling game. If your Bakugan picks up a core with the Baku-Gear Symbol on the back you my attach your Baku-Gear toy to your Bakugan and then add the stats from your Baku-Gear card to your Character Card. You must use the Baku-Gear toy and card that came with the Bakugan who picked up the core.

  • Faction Fusion Icon-BAA-Fusion.png

If you own a Fusion Bakugan and it picks up a BakuCore with a Fusion Symbol on the back flip over your Bakugan's character card to its fused side and use those stats instead of the ones on the toy.

(note, technically there are no official rules for using Fusion Bakugan in the Toy Battling Game as the wave that introduced Fusion Bakugan was the same that introduced the Gate Battling Game which replaced the Toy Battling Game).

Gate Battling Game[edit]

The Gate Battling Game plays the same as the old Toy Battling Game, the only difference is that you need 3 Gate Cards instead of 6 BakuCores.


How to play the Toy Battling Game