Hide Matrix

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For the Brawling arena in the Bakugan Reboot anime, see Drome.
An example of how the Hide Matrix should be set up

The Hide Matrix, also known as the BakuCore Field, is the collection of BakuCores that make up the rolling area for the Bakugan Reboot TCG game. During the game, players will roll their Bakugan over the Hide Matrix, attempting to pick up BakuCores for bonuses. To roll a Bakugan over the Hide Matrix, a player must roll from at least two card lengths away from the closest BakuCore.

Setting up the Hide Matrix[edit]

To set up a Hide Matrix, players take turns placing BakuCores in the middle of the Matrix. Players will flip a coin or BakuCore to determine which one places first.

When placing a BakuCore, the BakuCore being placed must, on at least one side, touch and be parallel with a BakuCore already on the field. BakuCores picked up by a Bakugan are left on the Bakugan until a Team Attack or a card effect removes or alters the BakuCore.

After a Team Attack, all BakuCores attached to the attacking player's Bakugan are returned to the Hide Matrix.

If a BakuCore is negated, it is returned to the Hide Matrix as well.