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B-Power, short for "Bakugan Power"[citation needed], (Bパワー/バトルパワー, Battle Power) is the replacement for G-Power and is one of two stats on a Bakugan from the Bakugan Battle Planet series. Much like its predecessor, it is the measure of a Bakugan's current power level.

B-Power symbol


The B-Power can be found printed inside of an open Bakugan and printed on that Bakugan's Character Card, and any Evo Cards played on it, along with its Damage. It can be affected by BakuCores, Ability Cards, or the Bakugan's own Character and Evo Card effects. Unlike G-Power, a Bakugan's B-Power is standardized with all releases of that Bakugan in a specified Faction and is no longer randomized.

The Bakugan with the highest B-Power total wins at the end of a battle, unless otherwise stated by another card effect.