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Platinum Diamond Dragonoid

Platinum Bakugan are a Variant of Bakugan introduced in Bakugan: Evolutions. They are characterized by their diecast components, branded as "True Metal".


Platinum Bakugan are a style of Bakugan introduced in Bakugan: Evolutions. They use variations of molds for Core Bakugan but have a large part of their body made of metal in a similar style to GeoForge Dragonoid. Because of the way the metal parts affect the makeup of the Bakugan, certain parts of the mold may be changed for the sake of maintaining durability. There are also Platinum Geogan, similarly characterized by metal parts. However, care should be taken when playing Platinum Geogan, as the way they are dropped onto the field combined with the additional weight of the metal may damage play surfaces.

There are multiple Variants of Platinum Bakugan:

  • Platinum Series, featuring faction colored metal with Translucent plastic released in "Platinum Series" single packs. Platinum Geogan were also sold in this series, but with no distinct pattern to the new colorations, mostly resembling standard color schemes for the year.
  • Platinum Power Up, featuring faction colored metal with opaque plastic released in "Platinum Power Up" packs containing one Platinum Bakugan and two Nanogan.
  • Battle Strike, featuring silver colored metal with either opaque or translucent plastic released in "Battle Strike" Packs containing two core Bakugan, two Nanogan, one Geogan and one Platinum Bakugan.

Note that these rules are not always adhered to, as Platinum Bakugan, notably from the Power Up series, can vary from the standard coloration patterns.

A handful of unique variations also exist, such as the Walmart exclusive Pyrus Platinum Dragonoid, which is similar to the standard Platinum Dragonoid, but with opaque plastic and unique patterns.

They also come in the Chase Variants, Diamond and Elemental.

In addition to true Platinum Bakugan, another Bakugan, GeoForge Dragonoid, features die-cast metal parts, despite not being a true Platinum Bakugan.

List of known Platinum Bakugan[edit]

Geogan Rising[edit]