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Faction Darkus Darkus
Power 700 Bs

Sluggler (スラグラー, Suragurā?) is a shoggoth-based Geogan that debuts in Bakugan: Geogan Rising. It is the Geogan of Everett Ray.



Sluggler a slippery Geogan with multiple eyes that keeps an eye on everything, everywhere. He’s got super suction tentacles that can wrap around his enemies trapping them in his hold OR uses them like whips, stinging its opponent non stop till they surrender. Though you might be swayed into thinking he’s slow due to his appearance, he’s not one to underestimate or he’ll leave you with a sticky sluggy mess.


Bakugan: Geogan Rising[edit]

Physical Game[edit]


Sluggler Bakulog
Card Image Faction Energy Cost B-Power Damage Rating Included In
Sluggler (Aquos Card) ENG 172 RA SG.png Aquos Sluggler (Open).png Aquos Aquos 4 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1900 4 Icon-damage.png
BBPAC.png Haos Sluggler (Open).png Haos Haos ? Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1400 7 Icon-damage.png
Sluggler (Darkus Card) ENG 178 RA SG.png Darkus Sluggler (Open).png Darkus Darkus 2 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png500 4 Icon-damage.png
BBPAC.png Aurelus Sluggler (Open).png Aurelus Aurelus ? Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1300 13 Icon-damage.png
Sluggler (Diamond Card) ENG 188 RA SG.png Darkus Diamond Sluggler (Open).png Darkus DarkusDiamond Diamond 7 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1500 15 Icon-damage.png


  • Sluggler's closed ball form resembles that of Baliton.