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Ventus Mantonoid (open).png

Ventus Mantonoid Ultra (open).png

Attribute Pyrus, Aquos, Haos, Ventus, Darkus

Mantonoid is a mantis-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet.


Skittish and always yelling at opponents. His high pitched scream is one of his attack methods. Moves quick on the offense using his giant pincers. His quick fits of attack may be a weak point as his endurance runs out quick.


Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Each member of the Exit owns a Mantonoid of one of the five main factions, given to them by AAAnimus Inc..

Ventus Mantonoid is used by Aay for nefarious purposes. One of his first acts include terrorizing and robbing a Burger Joint in Los Volmos. He is interrupted by Dan Kouzo and Drago, who defeats Aay in a brawl.[1]

Physical Game[edit]

Faction B-Powers
BBP Pyrus.svg Pyrus N/A
BBP Aquos.svg Aquos 400Icon-power.png (Ultra)
BBP Haos.svg Haos 500Icon-power.png (Core & Ultra)
BBP Ventus.svg Ventus 500Icon-power.png (Core), 600Icon-power.png (Ultra)
BBP Darkus.svg Darkus 300Icon-power.png (Ultra)
BBP Aurelus.svg Aurelus 300Icon-power.png (Core)
BBP Diamond.svg Diamond N/A

Core Mantonoid has been seen in Ventus, Haos, and Aurelus variants. Bakugan Ultra Mantonoid has been seen in Pyrus, Aquos, Haos, Ventus, and Darkus variants.

A large, Deka-sized Ventus Core Mantonoid was seen at New York Toy Fair 2019.[2]


  • Mantonoid has over 20 different springs and pins controlling its mechanisms.[3]



Physical Game[edit]

Character Art[edit]



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