Vestroia (Generation 2)

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For the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers version, see Vestroia (Generation 1).
For the Bakugan (Generation 3) version, see Vestroia (Generation 3).
Vestroia in the Battle Planet anime

Vestroia (ベストロイア, Besutoroia?) is the home planet of all Bakugan in the Bakugan Battle Planet anime. The event of the Great Collision caused it to merge with Earth.


Vestroia is a fragmenting planet that must be constantly stabilized by the fallout energy created from Bakugan brawls. One can travel between Earth and Vestroia by use of natural or manmade portals.


Vestroia is made up of six different regions

Other Locations[edit]

These are other locations in Vestoria, though it is unclear which region they are in.


  • During Bakugan Battle Planet it is implied that The Maze is Vestroia, however in Bakugan: Geogan Rising it is treated more like a location in Vestroia.