List of Bakugan: Evolutions Bakugan

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This page contains a list of Bakugan that were released during Bakugan: Evolutions.

Core Bakugan[edit]

Core Bakugan are the standard Bakugan, the ones that are not Bakugan Ultra.

Returning Core Bakugan[edit]

A number of Bakugan from previous seasons returned in Evolutions.

Battle Planet[edit]

These are part of the "Mythic Series" line, which features translucent versions of BP Bakugan.

Armored Alliance[edit]

Geogan Rising[edit]

Bakugan Ultra Bakugan[edit]

Returning Ultra Bakugan[edit]

A certain number of Ultras returned as part of Evolutions' Starter Packs.

In addition, Aquos Demorc Ultra, Darkus Sharktar Ultra and the Geogan Rising form of Ventus Nillious Ultra were released in the Baku-Tins as holdovers from Geogan Rising.


Returning Geogan[edit]