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Aurelus Pharol (Open).png
Faction Aurelus Aurelus

Pharol is a sphinx-like Bakugan set to appear in Bakugan: Armored Alliance. It is owned by a new Brawler named Ajit.


Pharol is an Aurelus Bakugan. Like most Aurelus Bakugan, he carries himself with an air of royalty and nobility. Pharol has a calm, patient demeanor and remains composed in any situation. He is an extremely strong Bakugan who is fiercely loyal to his brawler, Ajit.[1]


Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

Physical Game[edit]


Pharol Bakulog
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores Included In
BBPAC.png Pyrus Pharol (Open).png Pyrus Pyrus Icon-power.png500 5 Icon-damage.png TBD/TBD
BBPAC.png Haos Pharol (Open).png Haos Haos Icon-power.png400 3 Icon-damage.png TBD/TBD
BBPAC.png Ventus Pharol (Open).png Ventus Ventus Icon-power.png500 5 Icon-damage.png TBD/TBD
BBPAC.png Darkus Pharol (Open).png Darkus Darkus Icon-power.png600 5 Icon-damage.png TBD/TBD
BBPAC.png Aurelus Pharol (Open).png Aurelus Aurelus Icon-power.png500 5 Icon-damage.png TBD/TBD
BBPAC.png Diamond Pharol (Open).png Aurelus Aurelus/Diamond Diamond Icon-power.png1500 11 Icon-damage.png TBD/TBD

Pharol will be released in the first wave of Armored Elite. It is known to come as a single in the Aurelus Faction as well as part of the first Diamond Starter Pack. It also has a Deka in its native Aurelus Faction.