Brawler Pack

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Brawler Pack packaging

A Brawler Pack is a blind box that was originally scheduled for release during Summer of 2020, intended for release at American local game stores. The Brawler Packs contain a random Armored Alliance Bakugan and an assortment of cards corresponding to that Bakugan. Certain cards and Bakugan, those included in the PS1 card set, are unique only to the Brawler Pack.

Possible Bakugan[edit]

Each potiential Bakugan that comes with the Brawler Packs is from the Armored Elite card set.

Brawler Pack Exclusive Cards[edit]

For more information, see PS1.

Cards Reprinted for Brawler Packs[edit]

Battle Brawlers[edit]

Bakugan Resurgence[edit]

Armored Elite[edit]