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GATE is a card set in Bakugan: Armored Alliance. It contains the Gate Cards.

There exists a second series of Gate Cards that come with the costumed Cubbo products, named CUBBO.

Standard Gate Cards[edit]

Number Image Card Name Card Type
1 Reboot GATE 001.jpg GATE 001 Gate Card
2 GATE 002.png GATE 002 Gate Card
3 Reboot GATE 003.jpg GATE 003 Gate Card
4 GATE 004.png GATE 004 Gate Card
5 GATE 005.png GATE 005 Gate Card
6 GATE 006.png GATE 006 Gate Card
7 GATE 007.png GATE 007 Gate Card
8 GATE 008.png GATE 008 Gate Card
9 GATE 009.png GATE 009 Gate Card
10 GATE 010.png GATE 010 Gate Card
11 GATE 011.png GATE 011 Gate Card
12 GATE 012.png GATE 012 Gate Card
13 GATE 013.png GATE 013 Gate Card
14 GATE 014.png GATE 014 Gate Card
15 ???.png GATE 015 Gate Card
16 GATE 016.png GATE 016 Gate Card
17 ???.png GATE 017 Gate Card
18 Reboot GATE 018.PNG GATE 018 Gate Card
19 GATE 019.png GATE 019 Gate Card
20 GATE 020.png GATE 020 Gate Card
21 GATE 021.png GATE 021 Gate Card
22 GATE 022.png GATE 022 Gate Card
23 GATE 023.png GATE 023 Gate Card
24 GATE 024.png GATE 024 Gate Card
25 GATE 025.png GATE 025 Gate Card
26 GATE 026.png GATE 026 Gate Card
27 Reboot GATE 27.jpg GATE 027 Gate Card
28 Reboot GATE 28.jpg GATE 028 Gate Card
29 Reboot GATE 29.jpg GATE 029 Gate Card

Promotional Gate Cards[edit]

This section contains Gate Cards released as part of a promotion. The only Gate Card in this section is GATE VG PROMO, which accompanied the Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Deluxe Edition. These cards have no special function.

Number Image Card Name Card Type