Roll Phase

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The Roll Phase is the second phase of each turn. It consists of two steps: the Selection Step and the Roll Step.

Selection Step[edit]

Each player selects an unopened Bakugan that they wish to roll during the Roll Step and place it in from of them.

If a player has no unopened Bakugan, they must first Retract all of their Bakugan and then select which one they wish to roll.

Roll Step[edit]

Simultaneously, each player rolls their selected Bakugan towards the Hide Matrix. These Bakugan must be rolled from at least two card lengths away from the Matrix.

Bakugan must be rolled, they cannot be bounced or dropped onto the Hide Matrix.

For a Bakugan to count as being "opened", it must come into contact with a BakuCore without coming into contact with obstructions, including but not limited to, another Bakugan, cards, or other elements that not the rolling area or Hide Matrix. Each Bakugan gains the bonus of the BakuCore(s) it is attached to after opening.

If no Bakugan open, then the Roll Step starts from the beginning.

If both Bakugan open but are attached to the same BakuCore, they both gain the bonus from the BakuCore.

If a Bakugan opens on a BakuCore, but does not stay attached to the Core, it is considered open but does not gain the bonus from the Core.