Geogan Card

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Darkus Arcleon, an example of a Geogan Card
For a list of all Geogan Cards, see Category:Geogan Cards.

A Geogan Card is a type of Ability Card in the Bakugan Battle Planet trading card game. These cards come with and depict Geogan. There are three variants of Geogan Cards: standard, Mega, and Diamond. One Geogan can have a card of each variant.


To run a Geogan, the Faction of the Geogan you wish to run must match the Faction of at least one of the three Bakugan on your team. The Geogan serves as an accessory to your team, it does not replace any of the Bakugan on your team. The physical Geogan toy is required to play.

Geogan Cards are specialized cards that come with Geogan. Each Geogan must use its specific Geogan Card (for example, a Pyrus Arcleon must used the Pyrus Arcleon Geogan Card, or one of its special varients). In addition, there are three type of Geogan Cards: the normal Geogan Card, a Diamond Geogan Card, and a Mega Geogan Card.

To play a Geogan, you must be able to pay its Geogan Card Energy requirement, as well as be able to Reroll your Bakugan. You then retract your Bakugan and drop the physical Geogan toy one card length onto the Hide Matrix, or game field. It then follows the same rules as a normal Bakugan roll: it acquires any BakuCores it picks up and any subsequent bonuses. Since Geogan are a subtype of Bakugan, they are Reroll-able, even though they technically do not roll.