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Bakugan Battle Planet

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Studio TMS Entertainment Co.
Network Cartoon Network
TV Tokyo
Episodes 50 (22 minutes)
Original run December 23, 2018 - January 19, 2020 (US)
December 31, 2018 - February 9, 2020 (CAN)
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Preceded by Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge (Generation 1)
Followed by Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Bakugan Battle Planet is the first season of the second generation of Bakugan.

The season follows the adventures of Dan Kouzo and his best friends, the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious alien creatures known as the Bakugan. The storyline will revolve around friendship, battling, and competition. The series is available to stream on U.S and Canada Netflix. The series is also available to be watched for Canadians on YouTube.

The animated series premiered in North America in December 2018 and begun airing in January 2019. The toy line was released in the January 2019 in North America and other select regions, with a worldwide release following in the second quarter of 2019. Online content was released on the official Bakugan YouTube channel.[1]

Bakugan: Armored Alliance, a continuation of the series, began airing on February 16th, 2020.[2]



A Bakugan relaunch was first mentioned in Spin Master's Q3 2015 Financial Results conference call.[3] On November 16, 2017, "Bakugan Battle Planet" was filed as a trademark by Spin Master on November 16, 2017.[4] Their 2017 Business Segment Report contained art for Bakugan Battle Planet.[5]

Early concepts of the Battle Planet TCG game

During Spin Master's Q4 2017 financial results conference call, more details about the reboot were discussed. The episodes will be two eleven-minute programs rather than the traditional 22-minute format. The possibility of a movie is also in discussion. For the toy line, Spin Master mentioned "advanced innovation" being brought to the toys and confirmed that it would be a global release.[6] A second trademark was filed on March 29, 2018, depicting a proper logo.[7]

In its Q2 2018 financial results conference call, Spin Master set a tentative release date for the show and its toy line for Spring 2019.[2] In October, the show was pushed forward to a December 2018 release.[1] A few days later, Battle Planet was confirmed to consist of 100 11-minute episodes which also can be marketed as 50 22-minute episodes.[8] On October 15, some voice actors for the series and character names were revealed via Twitter; Dan Kouzo would be voiced by Jonah Wineburg, Shun by Ticoon Kim, and Wynton Styles by Deven Mack.[9][10]

In early November, Battle Planet toys were first listed on Amazon, showing off some of the Bakugan and the Faction system.

The official site, leading up to December 1st, had a sign-up form for email newsletters regarding Battle Planet information, as well as a countdown to December 1st. After December 1st, no new information was revealed, but a new countdown timer was set to December 17th, promising that "all will be revealed." There were two other notable changes: the sign-up form changed, from simply prompting "Enter Your Birthday" then asking for an email, to "Sign up for our Baku-Blast! Enter your age to begin," as well as a new "Incoming Transmission" message at the top of screen which, upon clicking, would play a short clip of an unknown Pyrus Dragonoid blasting fire at the screen before returning to the main page. finally launched on December 17th, the website includes sections about the products, characters, and Bakugan.

The anime premiered on December 23rd, 2018 but officially started airing new episodes in January. The toyline also was released starting January 1st.


For a list of Spin Master sponsored Battle Planet events, see List of Bakugan Battle Planet events.

Spin Master hosted a set of Battle Planet promotional events at various conventions in 2019, included Emerald City Comic Con and Anime Expo.


Main article: List of Bakugan Battle Planet Episodes

The Bakugan Battle Planet anime features fifty-two, eleven minute episodes, as opposed to the former twenty-two minute episodes its predecessor used. In the United States, the series began on December 23, 2018 with Origin of the Species Part 1, and aired its final episode, United We Stand, on January 19, 2020.


Main article: List of Characters in Bakugan Battle Planet

The cast of Bakugan Battle Planet featured a mixture of new characters and re-imagined characters from the previous iteration of the franchise. The new protagonists of the series are the "Awesome Ones", a group of child content creators who mysteriously encounter first encounter creatures known as Bakugan ten years after an event called the Great Collision. However, they are not the only ones to encounter this race of alien beings. Several villainous groups using Bakugan also emerge, such as the Exit Team and AAAnimus.

Physical Game[edit]

Like the original series, Bakugan Battle Planet will have an integrated toy line featuring physical toys, marble-like balls that transform into collectible characters once rolled over a magnetic object, this time a hexagonal tile called a BakuCore. Along with the physical game, a mobile app (Bakugan Fan Hub) and online integration also have been launched.

The Bakugan Battle Planet line of product brings with it two modes of play: the Toy Battling Game and the Trading Card Game. The Toy Battling Game is a simpler game using only the Bakugan marbles and their corresponding Character Card and BakuCores. The Trading Card Game further adds a 40-card deck of Ability Cards and more rules to the game.

The product line released in North America and other select markets on January 1, 2019, with a full global roll-out in the second quarter.

There are two type of Bakugan, Core Bakugan ($7 USD) are the basic Bakugan that are simple to close. Bakugan Ultra ($10 USD) Bakugan have more complex designs and have the ability to jump and flip the BakuCore.

The BakuCore has replaced Gate Cards, they are metal, hexagonal tiles that can increase/decrease B-Power (renamed G-Power), increase Damage, and other effects. Ability Cards also return but players can use up to 40 now rather than 3. Each Bakugan now comes with a Character Card that lists their stats, name, and Faction.

Some products with multiple Bakugan include Starter Packs, Battle Packs, and the Starter Set. Other accessories include the Baku-Storage and Bakugan Battle Arena.

Ability Cards can be collected from Booster Packs and Card Collections. A Card list can be found here.

Due to Sega Toys owning the designs to the Legacy Bakugan, SpinMaster cannot reproduce old Bakugan such as Neo Dragonoid and Alpha Hydranoid. The same factor is with the original Attribute symbols, which have been redesigned, Attributes are now called Factions. The elemental symbols are also no longer printed on the Bakugan.


Localization Changes[edit]

The following changes were made between the English and Japanese versions of the anime:

  • Some scenes are altered due to having violent or dangerous imagery, switched around, or not in the English broadcast.
    • In the Japanese version of Monkey See, Monkey Don't, the flames are orange, but the English broadcast changed the flames to a purple color.
  • The Japanese version uses its own soundtrack as well as a Opening and Ending theme with many scenes that do not take place in the anime.
  • The B-Power of Bakugan (commonly 600) does not exist in the Japanese version