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Subterra symbol

Subterra (サブテラ, Sabutera?) is the Attribute of Earth found on Bakugan. It has the distinction of being the only attribute in the original system to be replaced in the new system introduced in Bakugan Battle Planet, with Aurelus becoming its replacement.

Clayf was the Legendary Soldier of Subterra before he gave his Attribute Energy to Thunder Wilda, causing him to evolve into Magma Wilda.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]


Attribute Relations[edit]

Notable Users[edit]

Brawler Partner Bakugan
Julie Makimoto GoremHammer Gorem
Billy Gilbert Cycloid
Mira Fermin Thunder WildaMagma Wilda, Roxtor
Gus Grav Premo VulcanRex Vulcan
Hydron Dryoid
Jake Vallory Coredem
Nurzak Sabator
Mason Brown Avior
Paige Boulderon
Chris Vertexx
Noah Ziperator
Wiseman Stronk
Marucho Marukura Roxtor

Bakugan Dimensions[edit]

In Bakugan Dimensions, Subterra Bakugan have the most Strength and Life, but lack in Agility and Will. The Subterra Fighting Styles are:

BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Brawler Partner Bakugan
BB Alpha Hydranoid
Pumpkey Gran PanzerKen Panzer
Hyoga Zak Jaguard
Tohga Acro Gezard
Orochi Gavli Anacon
Master Grizz Hagger Doguma

Color Scheme[edit]

Earlier pre-HSP release of Subterra Bakugan had a dark brown body with orange highlights. However, along the airing of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Subterra Bakugan's main body color had been changed into light brown with bronze highlight.

Like the toys, body color of Subterra Bakugan in ball form had changed from dark brown in Bakugan Battle Brawlers (except Hammer Gorem) to light brown in Bakugan: New Vestroia. The Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders color scheme is mainly light brown with solid dark brown highlight.

Trading Card Game[edit]

Image Card Name Card Type Card Series
BA174 AB SM siegeswitch F.png
Siege Switch Green Ability Card 42/48
BA179 AB SM subterra F.png
Sub Terra Green Ability Card 47/48
BA242 AB SM subterra2.png
Sub Terra 2 Green Ability Card 47/48b
Triangle of Power(NA).png
Triangle of Power Blue Ability Card 36/48c
BA353 GA 06 GBL.png
Gate of Earth Silver Gate Card 6/48e


  • The symbol of the Subterra attribute is derived from the Han character for Earth, (tsuchi?).
  • It is the only attribute that does not follow the naming scheme of the other attributes: it does not end with either -os or -us. Its replacement in the new attribute system, Aurelus, now follows the naming scheme.
  • Along with Pyrus, there are no female Subterra Bakugan in the English dub of the anime. Avior is female in the Japanese version, where she is the only female Subterra Bakugan.
  • Conversely, most of the Battle Brawlers' Subterra brawlers are female, with Jake Vallory being the only exception.
  • In Bakugan Dimensions, almost all the Subterra fighting styles have Coredem on them.
  • In Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, the main Subterra brawlers (Mason, Nurzak, and Jake) were antagonists at some point in the show before being redeemed, and all of them eventually against Barodius to defend Neathia and the Sacred Orb.
    • All three also survive the whole show, whereas at least one major character of the other attributes die over the course of the show.


The name comes from the word "subterranean", itself formed from the Latin sub- (meaning under) and terra (meaning earth).