Bakugan Arcade Battlers

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Bakugan Arcade Battlers
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Platform Arcade machine

Bakugan Arcade Battlers (爆丸アーケードバトラーズ?) is an arcade game made in Japan. It is based on Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia and was released after the season's debut on TV Tokyo. Some cards are from the Nintendo DS Japanese release, Bakugan: Defenders of the Core.


The Bakugan Arcade Battlers arcade cabinet was first demonstrated at World Hobby Fair 2010 in June 2010. There were a total of four cabinets where event-goers could play the game.[1]

Early versions of the arcade cards, those in the set P-3tL, came with distinct colorful backs, while later releases stayed with the standard blue Japanese Ability Card back design.

Released characters/Bakugan[edit]

Playable Characters[edit]

Resistance Vexos
Dan Kuso Spectra Phantom
Mira Fermin Gus Grav
Marucho Marukura Mylene Farrow
Ace Grit Shadow Prove
Baron Leltoy Volt Luster
Shun Kazami Lync Volan

Other Bakugan[edit]

Battle Gear[edit]

Card release schedule[edit]

Bakugan Arcade Battlers had four distinct card release sets.

The names of the card sets follow a pattern:

  • The first letter designates rarity:
    • S - Super Rare
    • R - Rare
    • U - Uncommon
    • C - Common
    • V - Rare Ability Card
    • A - Ability Card
    • P - Promotional
  • The last two letters designate release schedule:
    • tL - Early release
    • tF - First
    • tS - Second
    • tT - Third
    • rF - Fourth

Early release[edit]

  • P-3tL - Promotional set distributed at World Hobby Fair 2010
  • A-7tL - Ability cards

Release 1[edit]

Cardlist for the first release wave
  • S-2tF - Super rare cards
  • S-1tF - Promotional set that released in Corocoro Comic
  • R-1tF - Promotional set that released in Corocoro Comic
  • U-18tF - Uncommon cards
  • C-18tF - Common cards
  • A-45tF - Ability cards

Release 2[edit]

Cardlist for the second release wave

Release 3[edit]

Cardlist for the third release wave

Release 4[edit]

Released April 22nd, 2011.

  • S-14rF - Super rare cards
  • S-1rF - Promotional set
  • U-12rF - Uncommon cards
  • C-12rF - Common cards
  • A-32rF - Ability cards
  • P-3rF - Promotional set that released in Corocoro Comic

Special Releases[edit]

  • 1-16gl - Promotional set that released in Glico chocolate wafers