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Marucho Marukura

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Race Human
Age 11 (BB)
13 (NV)[1]
15 (GI)
16 and 17 (MS)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main attribute Aquos Aquos
Guardian Bakugan Preyas (BB/NV)
Preyas II (BB)
Minx Elfin (NV)
Akwimos (GI)
Infinity Trister (MS1)
Radizen (MS2)
Roxtor (MS2)
Voiced by Ryō Hirohashi (Japanese)
Cameron Ansell (English, Eps. 1-2), Joanne Vannicola (English, Eps. 3-189)
The beauty of water's power is its fluidity. At times it's gentle and soothing; other times, mighty and punishing. That's why I think it's the greatest of all elements. As an Aquos battler, you possess all of those strengths.

Choji "Marucho" Marukura (丸蔵 兆治 (マルチョ), Marukura Chōji (Marucho)?)[2] is a main character in the anime series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is the Battle Brawlers' main Aquos brawler and maintains this position across its three sequels, New Vestroia, Gundalian Invaders, and Mechtanium Surge. He also made appearances in the video games, as well as Bakugan Dimensions.

His first Guardian Bakugan is Preyas. In New Vestroia, because of Preyas' capture by the Vestals, Marucho takes Elfin as his Guardian Bakugan. In Gundalian Invaders, he uses Akwimos. He uses Infinity Trister as his Guardian in the first arc, and Radizen and Roxtor in the second.



He is a wealthy, generous boy who specializes in Aquos. He is the Brain of the Brawlers, a real walking encyclopedia. He loves to play Bakugan and to work on strategies. He used to be extremely obedient to his parents out of fear, but that changed when he joined the Brawlers; however he is still very obedient. He now has no regrets for the past, realizing that he only wanted to make his parents happy. Marucho has a butler named Kato, though Kato is not usually around Marucho anymore, due to the fact that Kato is now working for Marucho's father.

In the Japanese version, Marucho speaks in a polite and formal keigo accent, thus putting honorifics in his speech and uses honorific suffixes when addressing a character's name, such as Dan-san and Drago-san.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia[edit]

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[edit]

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

Arc 1
Arc 2

Bakugan Dimensions[edit]

Former Bakugan

Brawling Record[edit]

Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Opponent Episode Outcome
JJ Dolls (Tag with Dan) 7-8 Win
Takashi and Kosuke (Tag with Runo) 9 Win
Shun Kazami (Tag with Runo) 11 Lose
Klaus von Hertzon 17 Lose
Klaus von Hertzon, Chan Lee, and Julio Santana (Tag with Dan and Runo) 21-22 Win
Masquerade (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 28 Lose
Illusionary Marucho 30 Win
Dan Kuso 35 Lose
Hairadee and Tayghen (Tag with Dan, Shun, Runo, and Julie) 41 Win
Tayghen (Tag with the JJ Dolls) 46 Win
Centorrior and Druman (Tag with Dan, Runo, Julie, Klaus, Julio, Billy, and Komba) 50-51 Win
Hal-G (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 52 Win
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Opponent Episode Outcome
Mylene Farrow 4 Lose
Dan Kuso (Tag with Baron) 6 Not Shown
Unknown Brawler 8 Lose (on purpose)
Shadow Prove 10-11 Win
Volt Luster 14 Lose
Mylene Farrow and Shadow Prove (Tag with Shun) 22-23 Win
Spectra Phantom (Tag with Dan and Mira) 31 Win
Hydron and Shadow Prove 35 Win
Shadow Prove and Lync (Tag with Ace) 40 Lose
Zenoheld (Tag with The Resistance) 51-52 Win
Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders
Opponent Episode Outcome
Sid Arkale and Lena Isis (Tag with Dan) 2 Win
Ren Krawler 7 Win
Sid Arkale and Casey (Tag with Jake) 8 Win
Stoica 14 No Outcome
Airzel and Mason Brown (Tag with Jake) 15 No Outcome
Nurzak and Ren Krawler (Tag with Fabia) 19 No Outcome
Stoica 24-25 Lose
Gill and Airzel (Tag with Shun) 30 Lose
Jake Vallory 33 Draw
Airzel 34-35 No Outcome
Gill, Kazarina, Stoica, and Airzel (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 36 Win
Zenet Surrow 37 No Outcome
Barodius, Stoica, and Airzel (Tag with the Battle Brawlers and the Castle Knights) 37-38 Lose
Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge
Opponent Episode Outcome
Jack Punt 2 No Outcome (Zenthon appeared and beat both of them)
Zenthon (Tag with Dan and Shun) 4 No Outcome
Tri-Twisters (Tag with Shun) 5 No Outcome (interrupted by Anubias and Sellon)
Bash Brothers 7 Lose
Jack Punt 11 Win
Ben, Jack Punt, and Robin (Tag with Paige and Rafe) 12 No Outcome
Ben, Jack Punt, and Robin 12 Win
Sellon 12 Lose
Sellon 13 Win
Shun Kazami 13 Lose
Anubias and Robin (Tag with Shun) 14 No Outcome
Chaos Bakugan (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 15 Win
Anubias and Sellon (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 15 No Outcome
Mag Mel (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 17 Lose
Anubias and Sellon (Tag with Dan and Shun) 18 Win
Mag Mel, Anubias, and Sellon (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 19 Win
Anubias and Sellon (Tag with the Battle Brawlers) 20 Win
Chaos Bakugan (Tag with the Battle Brawlers, Ben, Jack, Robin, Noah, Chris, and Soon) 24 Win
Razen Titan Army (Tag with Shun, Paige, Rafe, Spectra, Gus, Ben, Jack, Robin, Noah, Chris, and Soon) 25-26 Win
Unknown Brawler 27 Win
Gunz Lazar 27 Lose
Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Tag with Dan and Shun) 27 Win
Wiseman (Tag with Dan and Shun) 28 Win
Wiseman (Tag with Mira) 31 Win
Wiseman (Tag with Dan and Shun) 32 Win
Wiseman (Tag with Dan and Shun) 35 No Outcome
Wiseman (Tag with Dan and Shun) 36 Lose
Wiseman (Tag with Dan and Shun) 37 Win
Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Tag with Dan and Shun) 39 Lose
Wiseman (Tag with Dan and Shun) 40 Lose
Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Tag with Dan and Shun) 41 Lose
Mechtavius Destroyer (Tag with Dan, Shun, and Gunz) 45-46 Win


  • After season 1, Marucho's forehead birthmark became much less prominent.
  • Marucho has had the most Guardians with two or one under his ownership, as Shun only had Ingram after Storm Skyress decided to stay in New Vestroia, Drago being Dan's only Guardian, and most of the other characters being absent from the events of other seasons.
  • Marucho is the only member of the Brawlers whose Guardians are from all worlds seen (Preyas, Elfin, and Radizen from Vestroia/New Vestroia, Akwimos from Neathia, and Trister from Gundalia).
  • Marucho is the youngest out of the six original Battle Brawlers by 1–3 years.
  • He is one of the seven characters that have appeared in all four seasons; the other six are Dan Kuso, Drago, Shun Kazami, Julie Makimoto, Miyoko Kuso, and Kato.
  • In the Japanese version of the anime, Marucho's Bakugan all speak with a Kansai accent.
  • His personality is also similar to Kenny from Beyblade, and Kenny's Beyblade is called "Hopper", which is also Akwimos's Japanese name.
  • Marucho shares some similarities with Yai Ayano from MegaMan Battle Network. Both are the smallest, youngest, and richest of the team; they are also both blond.


The nickname Marucho is a portmanteau of his full name, Marukura Chōji. 兆治 (Chōji) is a Japanese male given name, while 丸蔵 (Marukura) may mean "full storehouse", a reference to his wealthy background.



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