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Attribute Gold
First appearance Gundalia Under Fire

Sonicanon is a BakuNano from Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It's Titanium Dragonoid's BakuNano. Its Bakugan Dimensions move is Precision Strike.



Sonicanon lets loose powerful blasts of precision lasers at its opponents. It looks similar to a shotgun.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

In Gundalia Under Fire, Sonicanon was given to Dan by Rafe, which he then used to fight an army of Chaos Bakugan.

In Battle Lines, Drago used it to fight against Chaos Bakugan once again.

In True Colours, Drago used it to defeat a large amount of Chaos Bakugan. It also helped him battle Horridian and Bolcanon.

In Unfinished Business, it helped Drago to defeat Horridian, Krakenoid, and Bolcanon but later disappeared as usual.


A Copper Sonicanon has two variations, one with 50 Gs and one with 40 Gs. A Silver Sonicanon has two variations, one with 40 Gs and another with 50 Gs. A Gold Sonicanon has two variations, one with 60 Gs and one with 30 Gs.


  • In Bakugan Dimension and its picture at, its peg was located in a different way than the anime and toy counterparts.
  • Sonicanon is Drago's first Gold attributed attachment.
  • In the anime, it has a DNA Code area.
  • Just like the Battle Gear Boomix, Sonicanon resembles a gun.