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Pyrus Raytheus

Bakugan Mobile Assaults or BMA, Battle Vehicles (バトルビークル, Batoru Bīkuru?) in the Japanese version, are a type of deluxe Bakugan Battle Gear.


Unlike other Battle Gear, the Bakugan are attached to them, making it compatible to any Bakugan. When a Bakugan is placed on a closed BMA it opens up. Also, they have an Attribute that must match the Bakugan using the BMA. A maximum of two BMAs can be used in your force (Trap/BMA, Battle Gear/BMA, Mechtogan/BMA, Mechtogan Titan/BMA or BMA/BMA). They each come with a Reference Card listing what type of Gate Card (Copper, Silver and/or Gold) they can be used on and it's special abilities.


You put the Bakugan on the Mobile Assault Vehicle, then roll it onto a Gate Card. The Bakugan gains the BMA's G-Power only on the two types of Gates listed on the BMA's reference card. If the BMA is used on a Gate Card NOT specified by the Reference Card, the BMA is destroyed (removed from the game entirely) and the Bakugan is used in normal battle. If then your Bakugan doesn't match the attribute of the mobile assault, it gets destroyed also. On Bakugan Dimensions, they are used as normal Battle Gear. Also, BMA's are counted as Battle Gear attributes based on trim color. Mobile Assaults can be used with clear and translucent Bakugan, but the Bakugan has to maintain the same attribute as the Mobile Assault.


Possible options for player 2

  1. Player 2 cannot use his clear Bakugan with his Pyrus Impalaton because his Clear Bakugan would take the attribute of his opponent, Darkus, not Pyrus.
  2. He can use his translucent Pyrus Rubanoid with his Pyrus Impalaton, but his Rubanoid can't take the attribute of his opponent because then he wouldn't be Pyrus.
  3. Player 2 can also use his Clear Bakugan with his Darkus Raytheus, because his Clear Bakugan would take the attribute of his enemy, which matches his Mobile Assault's Attribute.


When Dan or any of the brawlers plays a Mobile Assault, two dotted lines appear much like a runway to launch a Mobile Assault. Also, just like Battle Gear, they can use abilities. So far the only Mobile Assaults to appear are Glotronoid with Impalaton, Lumino and Blitz Dragonoid with Jakalier /Raytheus, Pyrus and Darkus Splights with Hurrix, Aranaut with Rapilator, Titanium Dragonoid and Taylean with Zoompha, and Titanium Dragonoid with Rapilator.

List of known Mobile Assaults[edit]