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For the Gate Card type, see Gate Card (Generation 1)#Silver Gate Cards.

Silver is an Attribute found on Bakugan Battle Gear and BakuNano, denoted by their silver highlights. A Silver Battle Gear is most useful on Silver Gate Cards, as they allow the Gear to access any one of the abilities on its Reference Card.

Notable Users[edit]

User Battle Gear BakuNano
Dan Kuso JetKor, Explosix Gear Sonicanon
Marucho Marukura Crosstriker
Shun Kazami Swayther
Spectra Phantom Twin Destructor Bombaplode
Fabia Sheen Battle Crusher
Ren Krawler Boomix
Jesse Glenn Vilantor Gear
Mason Brown Lashor
Lena Isis Terrorcrest
Gill Vicer
Stoica Razoid
Nurzak Chompixx
Dragonoid Colossus Axator Gear, Beamblitzer, Blasteroid, Nukix Gear
Rafe Lanzato
Jack Punt Jamsaber
Chris Orehammer


  • In the anime, all of Drago's Battle Gear and BakuNano are silver.
  • In Bakugan Dimensions, all Silver BakuNano gives Strength.
    • In Bakugan Dimensions, all of Dragonoid Colosuss' Battle Gear are Silver, while only two of them are Silver in the physical toy.
  • Silver is the most common of the three Weapon Attributes.