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Attribute Gold
First appearance A Royale Pain

Lanzato(Japanese version: Spear Aegis スピアアギス Supia Agisu) is a BakuNano in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It is Wolfurio's BakuNano.



Lanzato consists of a spear and a shield that grants its user defensive and offensive advantages simultaneously.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

In A Royale Pain, it made its first appearance when Wolfurio appeared to fight against the Mechtogan Silent Strike alongside Boulderon. They were able to hold him back but he later escaped.

In Mind Search, it was used by Rafe to try to get Wolfurio to defeat Horridian and his BakuNano Aeroblaze. He was doing fine until Bolcanon, Krakenoid, and their BakuNano appeared. He was later saved by Infinity Trister. He then battles against Braxion and he was able to hold Braxion back a little bit while Boulderon went for the flag but in the end, it was defeated along Wolfurio.

Lanzato appeared again in True Colours, and defeated a large number of Chaos Bakugan.

Lanzato appeared in Dangerous Beauty and was referred to by its Japanese name "Spear Aegis".

It appeared in Behind the Mask, Interspace Armageddon, and Dark Moon.


Lanzato was released in wave 2. A Copper Lanzato has 50 Gs and Gold has 70 Gs.


  • This BakuNano is unique in that it is comprised of two individual units. All Battle Gear and almost all other BakuNano are comprised of a single unit. The only other BakuNano consisting of two units is Hammermor.
  • On its Special Ability on Bakugan Dimensions, the two extensions on the shield are left out.
  • Lanzato was the first of the Battle Brawlers' BakuNano to appear in the anime.
  • Lanzato resembles a Spartan shield and spear, like in ancient history. This makes sense because Wolfurio resembles a Roman/Greek warrior.
  • In A Royale Pain, it was accidentally called Lanzata.
  • The Japanese name of Lanzato, Spear Aegis, is most likely deprived from a shield called Aegis from Greek mythology.