Character Card (Generation 3)

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An example of the new style of Character Card introduced in the third generation

Character Cards are a type of card in Bakugan. Each Bakugan comes with a Character Card displaying its game play information. These cards are about two thirds the size of regular trading cards and have a notch cut out so they can be connected to Special Attack Cards.

A Character Card displays:

  • The Bakugan's Color (Indicated by the card border)
  • The Bakugan's name (Examples: Dragonoid, Nillious, Octogan)
  • The Bakugan's Clan (Indicated by a symbol to the left of the name, if it is a Misfit Bakugan it will have an additional symbol to the right of its name)
  • Artwork of the Bakugan
  • The Bakugan's Heart (Unofficial name) stat
  • The Bakugan's Fire (Unofficial name) stat
  • The Bakugan's Spark (Unofficial name) stat
  • Any abilities the Bakugan has (Examples: Reroll, Enemy Territory, Crash)
  • The Card's ID (Unofficial name) (Example: M01_01_CC)