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A Bakugan Bottom is a component of the Generation 3 Combine and Brawl System, which features a multi-part linking system. This mechanic is first introduced in Bakugan (2023) and serves as the bottom part of a Bakugan. Not only do they attach to the Bakugan Top, but if it the Bakugan Bottom is a Special Attack Bakugan Bottom, one can attach a Power Ring to it.


A Blue Special Attack Bruiser (Bakugan Top) with a silver Chrom-Wings (Bakugan Bottom).

There are two main forms of the Bakugan Bottom, the regular Bakugan Bottom (from a Core or Titanium Bakugan) and the Special Attack Bakugan Bottom (from a Gold, Titanium, Gold & Titanium Bakugan).

While the Bakugan Top, Special Attack Bakugan Top, and Bakugan Bottom represent the Bakugan itself, the Special Attack Bottom represents a weapon or piece of equipment uses similar to the past generations Baku-Gear and Battle Gear. Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms have a tip for spinning, and feature a Turbine-like gyroscope inside that can be wound up by rip cord. The gyroscopes in the Special Attack Bakugan are larger than the gyroscopes from the Generation 1 Turbine Bakugan.

The regular Bakugan Bottom come in Colors similar to their respective Bakugan Top, while the Special Bakugan Bottoms come in different kinds of colors. In the main line those colors are: Gold for G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Gold Special Attacks, Silver for G3 Titanium SA Symbol.png Titanium Special Attacks, and Clear for Diamond Diamond and Galactic Galactic Galactic variants. There are other Special Attack Bottoms such as from the Street Brawl line which color will match the top part of the Bakugan. The B.A.M. Boost Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms are always blue.

According to the Bakugan Collector Sheet, Special Attack Bakugan appear to have a signature Special Attack Bakugan Bottom (and corresponding Power Ring). For example, G3 Titanium SA Symbol.png Titanium Special Attack Dragonoids signature bottom piece/Power Ring is known as Steel Warrior. It should be noted that the corresponding Special Attack Bottom piece and/or Power Ring will not always be paired with the Bakugan Top in the packaging. For example, the Blue G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Bruiser Starter Pack includes a silver-colored Chrom-Wings Special Attack Bottom and its Power Ring despite G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Bruisers signature bottom/Power Ring being Flare-Axe & Smash Hammer. This doesn't appear to be an error but rather to encourage customization. So far, the correct top, bottom, and Power Ring are included in the single pack products and some multipacks.

Image Type Description
Purple Spidra (Bakugan Bottom).png Bakugan Bottom A regular Bakugan Bottom. Core and BKGG3 Titanium Symbol.png Titanium Bakugan have regular, non-Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms.
Scorch-Whips (gold) (Bakugan Bottom).png G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Gold Special Attack Bakugan Bottom A Special Attack Bakugan Bottom with a gold disk.
Jagged Scales (silver) (Bakugan Bottom).png G3 Titanium SA Symbol.png Titanium Special Attack Bakugan Bottom A Special Attack Bakugan Bottom with a silver disk.
???.png G3 GoldTitanium SA Symbol.png Gold & Titanium Special Attack Bakugan Bottom A Special Attack Bakugan Bottom with a silver disk.

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