Generation 3

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The third generation of Bakugan, also known as the second Bakugan Reboot Series, Generation 3 (Unofficial name), refers to an era of the franchise that began in mid-2023, with the tease of a new logo and products. The second Reboot features Bakugan from both the Generation 1 and Generation 2 series, but only in name; no direct references to previously existing characters has been made.

Returning Names[edit]

Note: The Bakugan are returning in name only, and bear no connection to their previous Generations counterparts.


  • Bakugan (also called "Bakugan 3.0")

Physical Game[edit]

Toys of this generation have a feature similar to BakuTech "Bind" and Mechtanium Surge "BakuMutant" toy lines of each Bakugan being made up of two halves, that could be exchanged between toys. It also features "Special Attack" Bakugan - they have special bottom halves with feature similar to Turbine Bakugan from New Vestroia, as well as a wide plastic ring extending from the ball.