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Bakugan is the tentative name of the first season of the third generation of the Bakugan franchise. This season dramatically restructures the Bakugan brand, replacing and changing much about the toys, products, and overall gameplay.


Products relating to the franchise rework of Bakugan were first seen in public at the Brazilian toy event Abrin 2023.[1]

Physical Game[edit]

Bakugan introduces entirely new gameplay for the franchise. While the full extent of the game is not currently known, this version of the game no longer uses the TCG format of the previous five seasons, moving towards a game that utilizes a split-card system.

Bakugan has four known cards sets:

  • AQU - water inspired "terrain" cards
  • DRA - dragon inspired "terrain" cards
  • INS - insect inspired "terrain" cards
  • BC - "brawler" cards
  • CC - the larger, "top" half of the cards which are the Bakugan themselves
  • SA - the smaller lower half of the cards which appear to serve as additional "weapons" or bonuses

In keeping with the split theme, Bakugan also introduces Special Attack Bakugan that have halves that can sperate and combine with other respective Bakugan halves, similar to Generation 1's BakuTech Bind System.

Bakugan no longer uses the Faction system from Generation 2, instead adding a new set of symbols, each with currently unknown purposes and meanings:

  • Pawprint
  • Wave
  • Dragon symbol
  • Triceratops
  • Avian symbol

In addition, a secondary symbol - that of a Bakugan Ball sticking out its tounge - appears on certain Bakugan and their Character Cards.


Most, if not all, of the physical aspect of the franchise have been redesigned from previous iterations.

Known products are:

  • Special Attack Bakugan - contains one Special Attack Bakugan
  • Bakugan Street Brawl - contains one Bakugan bottom half and two top halves
  • Bakugan Starter Pack - contains one Special Attack Bakugan, two standard Bakugan, and unknown accompanying products
  • Bakugan Battle Pack - contains two Special Attack Bakugan, three standard Bakugan, and unknown accompanying products
  • Mythic Pack - plastic packs containing a single translucent Bakugan
  • Baku-Tin - plastic tin containing one Special Attack Bakugan and a small lid that can function as a playspace


It is currently unknown whether this phase of the Bakugan franchise will contain an accompanying animated show.