Bakugan (2023)

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Network Netflix
Episodes 26
Original run September 1, 2023 - January 8, 2024 [1] (Netflix)
September 23, 2023 - March 30, 2024 (Disney XD)
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Preceded by Bakugan: Legends (Generation 2)
Followed by N/A

Bakugan (爆丸?), also known as Bakugan 3.0 or Bakugan: Revolution, is the first season of the third generation of the Bakugan franchise. This season dramatically restructures the Bakugan brand, replacing and changing significant features of the toys, products, and overall gameplay.


Banner depicting (from left to right): Titanium Dragonoid, Griffin Tessly, Trox, Mia Ono, Dragonoid, and Dan Kouzo

Products relating to the franchise rework of Bakugan were first seen in public at the Brazilian toy event Abrin 2023.[2] Products began to release in the United Kingdom and other countries during the early part of 2023.

On June 14th, the official Bakugan social media pages updated their imagery to reflect the third generation [3], and promotional videos were uploaded during the rest of June and July to tease the new show's characters and themes.


For more information about Bakugan's history with Roblox, see Roblox.
Roblox All-Star Tower Defense promo.png

On July 21st Bakugan continued its relationship with the Roblox franchise by announcing an "All-Star Tower Defense" mode featuring Bakugan characters. The summary for this mode reveal an August 4th premiere date for the third Generation Bakugan show.[4]

Physical Game[edit]

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An example of the new style of Character Card introduced in the third generation

Bakugan introduces entirely new gameplay for the franchise. This version of the game no longer uses the TCG format of the previous generation, moving towards a game that utilizes a split-card system.


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The main tagline of the new season is "Combine and Brawl". Bakugan released during the third Generation are exclusively designed to facilitate being separated into halves (Bakugan Top and Bakugan Bottom), similar to the BakuTech Bind System. Additionally, a new deluxe Bakugan (similar to Bakugan Ultra from Generation 2) known as Special Attack Bakugan is introduced. Special Attack Bakugan have the ability to spin via a Bakugan Ripcord or Ripcard, they also come with the plastic circular Power Rings, an additional customization piece that can be attached on the Bottom piece of a Special Attack Bakugan.

A Galactic Rare Trox, an example of the third Generation's rarity system

Diamond Bakugan make a return in Generation 3, alongside the introduction of two new rarities: Galactic and Infinity. Galactic Bakugan come in a translucent purple plastic; Infinity Bakugan (yet to be released) are supposed to be gold and also have a "real gold Flywheel" according to the Bakugan Collector Sheet.

Clans and Colors[edit]

For more information on the Clan system, see Clan.
For more information on the Color system, see Color.

Bakugan no longer uses the Faction system from Generation 2, instead adding a new set of symbols, called Clans, which generally various species or designs of Bakugan. Each Bakugan is assigned a Clan, which does not change no matter the color or special type.

Name Symbol Description
Aquatic Clan Aquatic Clan symbol (colored).png The Aquatic Clan encompasses aquatic Bakugan.
Avian Clan Avian Clan symbol (colored).png The Avian Clan encompasses flying or otherwise airborne Bakugan.
Dino Clan Dino Clan symbol (colored).png The Dino Clan encompasses prehistoric Bakugan.
Dragon Clan Dragon Clan symbol (colored).png The Dragon Clan encompasses draconic Bakugan.
Insect Clan Insect Clan symbol (colored).png The Insect Clan encompasses bug-like Bakugan.
Mammal Clan Mammal Clan symbol (colored).png The Mammal Clan encompasses mammalian Bakugan.
Misfit Clan Misfit Clan symbol (colored).png The Misfit Clan encompasses Bakugan or Brawlers who do not fit into any of the other Clans. This symbol appears on cards as a secondary Clan symbol, denoting that the Bakugan belongs to the Misfit Clan.

In addition, the "color" of a Bakugan no longer has any connection to a particular Clan, differing the system from the previous two Generations.

Name Symbol Color Scheme Notes
Red G3 Red.png Red, Dark Red, Orange, and Yellow. Every Red Bruiser uses the color scheme of Brown, Tan, Orange, and Yellow. Despite this unique color scheme it uses the same character card border as other Red Bakugan. Every Red Flame has an Orange toy, but nonetheless is considered as a Red Bakugan, and uses the same border.
Blue G3 Blue.png Blue, Teal, Light-Blue, and White.
Green G3 Green.png Lime, Dark Green, Yellow, and Pale-Lime. Core Green Smoke uses the color scheme of Lime, Red and Orange. Despite this unique color scheme it uses the same character card border as other Green Bakugan.
White G3 White.png White, Dark-Azure, Light-Gray, and Light-Blue.
Black/Purple G3 Purple.png Black, Dark-Purple, Yellow, and Silver This Color has been inconsistently referred to as both Black and Purple. It appears to be represented by a Purple circle on Brawler Cards but by a Black box on the checklist.

Black/Purple Bakugan are the only non-Titanium Bakugan to use silver paint.

There are Translucent Bakugan known as B.A.M. Boost Bakugan that have color based on their respective clan. Their Character Card has their Clan Symbol on a blue circle with an outline based on the Clans color. Notably one of the Clans, the Insect Clan has a yellow color which is different from the five primary colors. There is no official ruling at the moment on what the B.A.M. Boost colors correspond too.

Cards and Gameplay[edit]

The third Generation introduced three types of cards to replace the card types from Generation 2:

Bakugan also introduced several sets of Gate Cards, corresponding to the various Clans:

  • AQU - water inspired Gate Cards
  • AVI - avian inspired Gate Cards
  • DRA - dragon inspired Gate Cards
  • DIN - dinosaur inspired Gate Cards
  • INS - insect inspired Gate Cards
  • MAM - mammalian inspired Gate Cards

In keeping with the split theme, Bakugan also introduces Special Attack Bakugan that have halves that can sperate and combine with other respective Bakugan halves, similar to Generation 1's BakuTech Bind System.


Most, if not all, of the physical aspect of the franchise have been redesigned from previous iterations.

Known products are:


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First image of the third generation of the Bakugan show

Devon Mack, the voice of Wynton Styles, alluded to a new anime currently in production with the character Griffin being voiced by one of his students.

A listing on B&M's website for assorted Bakugan Core Balls, seemingly for Generation 3, also mentioned a Netflix show.[5]

On June 14th, 2023, the official Bakugan social media pages updated their imagery to reflect the third generation. One of these images was a shot of Dragonoid from the presumed upcoming accompanying show.[6]

On June 16th, 2023, the official Bakugan YouTube channel uploaded a teaser for a third Generation Bakugan show.[7]

An announcement for Spin Master collaboration with Roblox provided an August 4th premiere date for the show.[3]

The first half of the new Bakugan show will debut on Netflix on September 1, 2023, while the second half debuts on January 8, 2024.[8]


  • According to JoystickJesse's interview with George Olarte, Bakugan's lead art director for brand design, there was a possibility that the new generation would be nicknamed "Bakugan Revolution". [9]