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BakuTech Bind System (爆テク化合(バインド)システム, Bakuteku Baindo Sisutemu?) is a system equipped by Japanese original Bakugan in BakuTech series. It is the main type of Bakugan being used in the Tavanel Cup Arc of both the Anime Series and Manga.


How Bind System works
Front and Back Hemisphere of Go Garyu separated with Bind System

Similar to BakuMutant, Bind enables exchange of half spheres of the Bakugan called Bind Parts instead of only Cross (armor-like part) and Sole (feet part) in BakuTech Convert System. However, unlike BakuMutant, Bakugan with Bind System does not have a button for connecting and separating the half spheres. Moreover, Bind Parts of Bind System Bakugan have more equal portion than BakuMutant Bakugan and the magnet of Bakugan with Bind System is located at the front hemisphere instead of back hemisphere in BakuMutant Bakugan.


Bakugan with Bind System has their own naming method that front Bind Parts and back Bind Parts have their respective names. Front hemisphere is named by the second part of the Bakugan's name while back hemisphere is named by the first word in the Bakugan's name. Therefore, following the exchange of Bind Parts, the name of the Bind System Bakugan will also change. However, the exchange of hemispheres will not change the Attribute of Bind System Bakugan, which is the largest difference between Bind System and BakuMutant in game.

Attributes and Coloring[edit]

Bakugan Armors follow the same six elemental attributes as its predecessor series. The attribute symbol can be found in the Front Hemisphere part.

Some combinations like the Bujin Dragaon, Jiba Fudo and Zeta Munikis deviated from the usual color schemes that are often associated with their elemental attributes. The ones that are faithful to the same color scheme as their series or elemental attribute are Pyrus Jigen Dragaon, Ventus Lashow Falco, Haos Ogre Leoness; as well as the combinations of Pyrus Gaga Garyu and Aquos Go Horus.


Size comparison between Jigen Dragaon of BakuTech Bind System (left) and Rekka Hiryu of Bakugan Armors (right)

Each Bind System Bakugan are sized 36mm (3.6cm) in diameter when closed and are part of the "BakuTech Sabu-Roku." The larger size is to accommodate more features in the mechanism.

List of Bakugan equipped with BakuTech Bind System[edit]

List of additional combinations in the anime series[edit]

List of Bind System Parts[edit]

Front Hemisphere[edit]

  • Dragaon
  • Falco
  • Fudō
  • Garyu
  • Horus
  • Leoness
  • Munikis

Back Hemisphere[edit]

  • Bujin
  • Gaga
  • Jiba
  • Jigen
  • Lashow
  • Ogre
  • Zeta

Bind System Combinations[edit]

Bind System Combinations
Bujin Gaga Jiba Jigen Ogre Lashow Zeta
Dragaon Bujin Dragaon Gaga Dragaon Go Dragaon Jiba Dragaon Jigen Dragaon Ogre Dragaon Lashow Dragaon Zeta Dragaon
Falco Bujin Falco Gaga Falco Go Falco Jiba Falco Jigen Falco Ogre Falco Lashow Falco Zeta Falco
Fudō Bujin Fudo Gaga Fudo Go Fudo Joiba Fudo Jigen Fudo Ogre Fudo Lashow Fudo Zeta Fudo
Garyu Bujin Garyu Gaga Garyu Go Garyu Jiba Garyu jigen Garyu Ogre Garyu Lashow Garyu Zeta Garyu
Horus Bujin Horus Gaga Horus Go Gorus Jiba Horus Jigen Horus Ogre Horus Lashow Horus Zeta Horus
Leoness Bujin Leoness Gaga Leoness Go Leoness Jiba Leoness Jigen Leoness Ogre Leoness Lashow Leoness Zeta Leoness
Munikis Bujin Munikis Gaga Munikis Go Munikis Jiba Munikis Jigen Munikis Ogre Munikis Lashow Munikis Zeta Munikis

The parts used in the combinations at the above table have the default product color schemes.



  • The Kanji representing 'Bind' in the Japanese name of Bind System, 化合 (kagō), means chemical combination.
  • The Zeta Dragaon combination shown in the anime series is similar to the color scheme from the BTA-23 Friendship Bind Set.
  • The Go Dragaon combination in the anime initially has the default color schemes of the Go and Dragaon parts. When Harubaru channeled energy into the Bakugan; for a while it reflected the same color scheme as the Go Dragaon that was released alongside BTA-15 DraThron.