Destroy Munikis

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Destroy Munikis
Destroy Munikis (toy).jpg
Attribute Darkus Darkus
Power 540 Gs
Variations Destroy Munikis
Zero Munikis
Hollow Munikis
Zeta Munikis
First appearance Critical K.O.!

Destroy Munikis (Japanese version Deth Munikis (破(デス)ムニキス, Desu Munikisu?)) is a demon-like Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series which is the original form of Munikis-type. It evolves into Zero Munikis, Hollow Munikis, then Zeta Munikis.

Official Description[edit]

Official Descriptions for Destroy Munikis
Official Product Name Japanese English Translation Source
Destroy Munikis (春晴の永遠のライバル黒無来智の相棒。メタルソールにより強力な防御力を持つ。世界を無に帰す闇の破壊神は全ての攻撃を無力化する。※BTD-01のムニキスはメタルパーツではありません。?) Japanese Official Website
(焔ドラガオンのライバル。メタルソールにより敵の攻撃を回避し、ゲートカード上を完全占拠する。破壊系のアビリティ攻撃で、世界を消滅させ無に帰するその力はまさに破壊神。?) The rival of Flare Dragaon. It avoids enemy attacks with its Metal Sole and completely occupies the Gate Card. By using destructive Ability, it has the power to eliminate the whole world and turn it into nothingness, thus its nickname God of Destruction. BTC-02 Instruction
Destroy Munikis S (攻撃・防御とも高い人気の破ムニキスが、黒きメタルを手に入れた。※PL560はBCV-20、PL200はBCV22に入っています。?) The popular Destroy Munikis with both high attack and defense has gained the Black Metal. Japanese Official Website


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Destroy Munikis is the Partner Bakugan of Raichi Kuronashi. It is the best Bakugan pair with Flare Dragaon according to Master Shimo, in The Encounter of Harubaru and Dragaon. However, it is unknown that if Destroy Munikis was put on the altar of Bakugan Dojo before owned by Raichi like Flare Dragaon or how Raichi got it.

Its evolution to Zero Munikis is neither mentioned, the only known information about this event in the manga is that it happened earlier than Flare Dragaon's Evolution.


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Destroy Munikis put on the altar of Bakugan Dojo aside Flare Dragaon

Just as in the Manga, Raichi's acquisition of Destroy Munikis is not mentioned in the anime.

In Self-Evolving Bakugan, together with Flare Dragaon, it is revealed that Destroy Munikis is one of the Bakugan that can evolve by themselves through the unbreakable bond they formed with their brawling partner, which makes them a cut above the rest of the BakuTech. It is also shown that Destroy Munikis was put on the altar of Bakugan Dojo aside Flare Dragaon before owned by Raichi in the episode.

Physical Game[edit]

Destroy Munikis is equipped with BakuTech Convert System which enable part exchange within the same type of Bakugan, such as Flare Dragaon. It has unusual Darkus highlight color compared to other Bakugan released at the time, which is red, which is also used for some later Darkus BakuTech that is not Munikis-type. It is also one of the first Bakugan that uses stickers for decoration.

In Japan, its Darkus version in BTC-02 and BTC-16 comes with 500G, 520G, and 540G.

  • Height: 53mm
  • Weight: 22g
  • Type: Attack and Balance

Pentagon Parameter[edit]

  • Attack: 6/10
  • Defence: 7/10
  • Occupy: 5/10
  • Control: 5/10
  • Stand: 8/10
  • Total: 31/50

Gate Card(s)[edit]

Ability Card(s)[edit]

Fusion Ability Card(s)[edit]


  • BTC-02 / BTC-16 Destroy Munikis regular Darkus version (Silver Metal Sole)
  • BTD-01 Destroy Munikis (Normal Sole) in UijinDeck Team Dragaon
  • BTC-19 Destroy Munikis S (Recolor with Black Metal Sole) in Battle Master Set
  • BCV-20 Destroy Munikis G (Recolor with Gold Metal Sole) in Bakugan Expansion Pack "BakuTech Blue Flare"
  • BakuMetallic Black Destroy Munikis via CoroCoro Comic Lucky Draw or BakuTech TV Anime Campaign
  • BakuMetallic Gold, Silver and Bronze Destroy Munikis prizes for winning Bakugan Authorized Championships (BAC)


The Han character in the Japanese name of Destroy Munikis, (yaburu), means destroying. 'Deth' may be derived from 'death' or the abbreviation of destroy, 'des', since the Japanese pronunciation for '-th' and '-s' in English is the same. 'Munikis' is derived from the Japanese for back to nothing, 無に帰する (munikisuru).


  • Destroy Munikis was once named Devil (デビル, Debiru?) tentatively.