Raichi Kuronashi

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Raichi Kuronashi
Race Human
Age 13
15 (Tavanel Cup)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main attribute Darkus Darkus
Partner Bakugan Zeta Munikis
First appearance Critical K.O.!
Voiced by Miku Watanabe

Raichi Kuronashi (黒無来智, Kuronashi Raichi?) is one of the main characters of the manga BakuTech! Bakugan by CoroCoro Comic, as well as its animated adaption. He is the owner and partner of Destroy Munikis.

He is also Harubaru Hinode's friend. He later teamed up with Harubaru, Koh Grif and Sho Grif to form Team Dragaon.


Raichi is a blonde teenager with red eyes. He wears a beanie hat, black hoodie, shorts and sneakers, all of which has pink and blue accents.

After the two-year timeskip, Raichi has grown taller and dons a new outfit. He wears a white t-shirt and his hat now has a white band instead of purple.

For his final battle with Harubaru, Raichi wears a white sweatshirt with white stripes over a purple-and-white shirt, purple pants, a pair of purple fingerless gloves, and his beanie is now purple with orange stripes. This outfit Raichi wears is reminiscent of the outfit Nivil wears.



BakuTech! Bakugan manga[edit]

A friendly rival of Harubaru. He is a Darkus brawler and his Partner Bakugan is Destroy Munikis (who later evolves into Zero Munikis and then to Hollow Munikis) along with his high techniques and efficient strategies. Despite that Harubaru is often reckless, Raichi is a cool character who sees the good in him.

Together with the enthusiastic Harubaru, they will stop the BakuThieves from stealing Bakugan.

His shooting skill is "BakuTech Zero Gravity Spin."

BakuTech! Bakugan anime[edit]

Raichi makes his debut in the first episode where Harubaru challenged him to a Brawl inside the Bakugan Dojo. He lost that Brawl after his Destroy Munikis was Critical K.O.'d by Harubaru's Flare Dragaon. Raichi vowed to have a rematch with Harubaru next time.

Raichi appears again in the following episode testing Harubaru to try to knock out his Mica Laurel, Harubaru fails a couple of times, but manages to knock his Mica Laurel off the Gate Card.





  • His first person pronoun is "Boku" and his second person pronoun is "Kimi" or "Omae." [1]
  • Raichi literally means Coming Wisdom and Kuronashi literally means Black Nothingness. His family name compliments the name of his Partner Bakugan, Destroy Munikis.


Raichi has a relatively good brawling record, winning most of his brawls. He is a strategist type of Brawler but he lacks the sentimental treatment towards Munikis which Harubaru often gives to Dragaon.

Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Harubaru Hinode 1 Lose
Pumpkey 5 Win
Siam (Tag with Harubaru) 10 Win
Shagi and Hyoga (Tag with Harubaru) 12 Win
Zakuro (Tag with the Grif Brothers) Lose
Orochi Win
Zakuro (Tag with Orochi) 14
Zakuro 18 Win
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Harubaru Hinode 1 Lose
Sho Grif and Koh Grif (Tag with Harubaru) 4 Win
Tohga (Tag with Harubaru and Sho) 5 Lose
Doppelganger Raichi 7 Win
Karashina, Tohga, and Jinza (Tag with Harubaru and Tatsuma) 10-14 Win
Zakuro 17 Win