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Race Human
Age 6
School level 1 [
EElementary school (小学 Shougaku)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main attribute Aquos Aquos
Partner Bakugan Gif Jinryu
Twin Doubrew
First appearance Special Training of Tatsuma the Rookie!! (manga)
Critical K.O.! (anime)
Voiced by Yuri Yamaoka

Tatsuma (タツマ, Tatsuma?) is a character in BakuTech! Bakugan. He is an Aquos brawler. His partner is Gif Jinryu.


Tatsuma is shown to be energetic, easygoing  and friendly. He seems to mostly support both Harubaru and Raichi, though he shows slightly more favoritism towards Harubaru. Although he is shown to be a good sport, Tatsuma is described as a newbie, since he mostly never participates in brawls, and makes some mistakes. However, when he got new metal cross parts, Tatsuma improved. He is more proficient at power battles than Critical K.O.s, as shown in Power Battle, where he was able to defeat Harubaru in two brawls, easily acquiring six Gate Cards (three per brawl). Tatsuma is a brawler that supports his friends and never backs down.


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]


The hooded boy named Tatsuma is a new student in Master Shimo's Bakugan Dojo. He is still a novice at Bakugan Brawling.

He makes his debut in the first episode of the anime where Harubaru's Dragaon saves him from being overrun by a car. Since then, he held respect for Harubaru and called him Harubaru-sempai. Tatsuma later follows Harubaru to the Bakugan Dojo where he cheers for Harubaru against Raichi.

In the third episode, he obtains Gif Jinryu from Master Shimo and performed above expectations in the three-round test brawl much to the surprise of everyone.

In Grif brothers, Tatsuma supported Harubaru and Raichi when they battled Koh Grif and Sho Grif.

He appeared in the fifth episode, frightened by Acro Gezard.

In the three episodes when Team Dragaon was at Quilt's temple, Tatsuma was tested to shoot his Bakugan and pick it up before he was knocked by a boulder, and failed. Quilt used a clone of him to guide Raichi to a Destroy Munikis statue, where he was tested to battle his doppleganger, and as a result, his Bakugan evolved to Zero Munikis. The real Tatsuma appeared supporting Harubaru brawling against Quilt.

In the battles against Sanjushi and Zakuro, although he did not battle, Tatsuma cheered Team Dragaon.

In Power battle, Tatsuma has improved, as he was able to get new metal cross parts for Gif Jinryu, and was great in Power battles, as he was able to defeat Harubaru in two brawls flawessly.





BakuTech! Bakugan (Anime)[edit]

Tatsuma has been in two battles, but mostly never participated due to being afraid or making the simplest mistakes. The only battle he truly participated was against Harubaru Hinode.

Opponent(s) Episode(s)


Karashina, Tohga, and Jinza (Tag with Harubaru and Raichi) 10-14 Win
Harubaru Hinode 19 Win
Zakuro (Tag with Harubaru) 51 TBA


  • Tatsuma's decorative horns were shown to actually have bones when he was electrocuted by Elec. Though, this could be considered mostly a comedic gag.