Acro Gezard

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Acro Gezard
Acro Gezard.jpg
Attribute Subterra Subterra
First appearance Shadow Sanjushi!

Acro Gezard (アクロ ゲザード, Akuro Gezādo?) is a lizard-like Japanese-original Bakugan from the BakuTech series. In the BakuTech! Bakugan manga, it is the Partner Bakugan of Tohga, a member of the Shadow Sanjushi.

Official Description[edit]

Japanese Official Website[edit]

"The gigantic lizard, with its sheer length, bridges two Gate Cards. Standing on the Gate Card just like crawling, the space behind it can be used for Double Stand." (ゲートカード2枚分に架かるほどの巨体を持つ獰猛な大トカゲ。地面を這うようにスタンドしたら、後は味方のダブルスタンドを待つだけ!)


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Physical Game[edit]

Along with Well Galow and Borg Mahisas, Acro Gezard was first released in BTD-02 ShutsujinDeck Shadow Sanjushi on March 24, 2012. It was released in separate packaging on April 21, 2012 as BTC-41. It has 590 Gs.

Pentagon Parameter[edit]

  • Attack: 7/10
  • Defense: 8/10
  • Occupy Force: 9/10
  • Control: 5/10
  • Stand: 6/10
  • Total: 35/50

Gate Card(s)[edit]

Ability Card(s)[edit]


Variations of Acro Gezard
Image Official Product Name Cross Parts Sole Parts Acquisition G-Power Variations
Acro Gezard Acro Metal Cross.jpg None BTC-41
AmqBX-5CMAAOShO.jpg-large.jpeg Acro Gezard Acro Normal Cross.jpg None BTD-02
Agezard-g.jpg Acro Gezard G None BCV-22
BSToG3NCEAAEjkh.jpg Acro Gezard Blue Armor None BCV-23
Acro Gezard W-Armor None BCV-26
Akuro-geza-do-Red.jpg Acro Gezard Fire Red None



The Han character in the Japanese name of Acro Gezard, (ka?), means "rack". "Acro" is derived from the prefix for peak, acro-, which may refer to its "tall" body when viewed vertically.

Gezard may be a portmanteau of Gecko and Lizard, or be derived from the Japanese for prostrating, 土下座 (dogeza).