Jigen Dragaon

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Jigen Dragaon
Jigen 1.jpg
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Power 700 Gs
Variations Flare Dragaon
Gren Dragaon
Rise Dragaon
Jigen Dragaon
Bujin Dragaon

Jigen Dragaon (士(ジゲン)ドラガオン, Jigen Doragaon?) is a dragon-like Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series which is Rise Dragaon's evolution.

Official Description[edit]

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BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Physical Game[edit]

Ring Slash by using Jigen Ring (Animation)

Jigen Dragaon is equipped with Bind System in which the front and back Bind Part is white and red respectively in regular version. It can transform into four modes, from First Dimension (一次元(いちのじげん), Ichi no Jigen?) to Fourth Dimension (四次元(よんのじげん), Yon no Jigen?), with Ring Slash performed by Jigen Ring.

Pentagon Parameter[edit]

  • Attack: ?
  • Defence: ? 
  • Occupy: ?
  • Control: ?
  • Stand: ?
  • Total: ?

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The Kanji in the Japanese name of Jigen Dragaon, (On: shi, ji/Kun: samurai), means samurai. Its On is as same as the Japnese for four, (shi), which may refer to its ability to transform into four modes. It is also in response to Bujin Dragaon's Kanji forming the Japanese term for samurai, 武士(bushi). "Jigen" is derived from the Japanese for dimension, 次元 (jigen), while 'Dragaon' is derived from the word 'Dragon' and the onomatopoeia for roaring, 'gao'.


  • Jigen Dragaon was once named Four Dragon (四龍(シリュウ), Shiryū?)[1] tentatively, which may be derived from the fact that it is Dragaon's fourth variation and the ability to transform into four modes.
  • Jigen Dragaon is the first Bakugan to have four different forms that it can open into within the same ball.
  • Dragaon is said to be Flame Aigle's older brother in the latter's product description.[2]