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This image will help you identify what season your Bakugan was released so you can narrow down which one it is.

Welcome to the Bakugan Identifier, this page will help you identify your Bakugan and find out what its name is. This page lists all released Bakugan by their name accompanied by an image of them. The Bakugan also have a link to their article so you can look into their page and view their image gallery if you want to look at other Attributes or Special Treatments of the Bakugan. If your Bakugan has a special feature such as the ability to spin or light-up it will be noted under its name.

This page also contains some unreleased Bakugan that have a prototype or showed some signs that they were going to be released. This page does not include Anime Exclusive Bakugan like Farbros or Centorrior.

A useful tool to use for figuring out what season your Bakugan is from is by using the image on the right, it contains the color palette for all 6 Attributes of every Bakugan for each season, as Bakugan were adjusted to have a different color scheme each season. If your Bakugan has a strange color scheme then it is most likely a Special Treatment such as BakuGold, BakuSteel, or BakuBlue.

Identify Bakugan with Posters/Displays

An easier method to identify your Bakugan quickly is using posters, there are several posters for seasons 1-3 that contain all Bakugan (besides the Japanese New Vestroia Bakugan) . These posters do not include certain support pieces such as Mobile Assaults and BakuNano. Additionally, no posters have been found for BakuTech Bakugan, so you must scroll down to the BakuTech section of this page to identify what your BakuTech Bakugan is called.

Please view the images in their full sizes to identify your Bakugan more easily.

Season 1: Battle Brawlers

Regular Bakugan

Special Attack Bakugan

Season 2: New Vestroia

Regular Bakugan

Special Attack Bakugan

Bakugan Traps

Ultimate Weapons

Season 3: Gundalian Invaders

Core Bakugan

Note: An asterisk "*" means the Bakugan has pegs, which allows it to support Battle Gear.

Super Assault Bakugan

Bakugan Battle Gear

Bakugan Mobile Assault

Ultimate Weapons

Season 4: Mechtanium Surge

Note: The asterisk "*" indicates that the Bakugan or Mechtogan has a hole that allows the Bakugan support BakuNano.

Core Bakugan


Baku Sky Raiders

BakuFusion Bakugan

BakuMine Bakugan

Bakugan vs Marvel (Marvel Bakugan)




Mechtogan Titan

Mobile Assault

Bakugan Battle Suit

Ultimate Weapons

BakuTech Bakugan

BakuTech is a Japanese exclusive series, so these Bakugan were only released in Japan.

BakuTech Convert System

All of these Bakugan in this section are part of the BakuTech Convert System, which means they have parts that can be exchanged to customize the Bakugan.

Other Original BakuTech

Bind System

The Bind System is similar to BakuMutants, you can exchage the parts of the Bakugan and customize them. Bind Bakugan are larger than the typical 32mm ball size, the ball for the Bind System Bakugan is 36mm.

Bakugan Armors

Bakugan Armors is another Japanese exclusive series, so these Bakugan were only released in Japan. You can customize these Bakugan by exchanging parts.

Bakugan Battle Planet

Core Bakugan

Core Bakugan are the standard Bakugan, the ones that aren't Bakugan Ultra.

For now, only Bakugan that have confirmed toys are on this list, some Bakugan may have placeholder images.

Bakugan Ultra Bakugan

Other Bakugan